There is very little in nature that inspires more awe than God's magnificent alligators.
They are amongst the greatest survivors on Earth, having lived for thousands of generations.

THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL was until recently, home to numerous alligator families, including mothers and fathers over 12 feet in length as well as tiny babies only 12 inches long.

Tragically, poachers have killed them all, which makes us very sad. If we are going to have alligators to respect and admire forever, we must respect God and His Creation.

Please help us stop the poaching and bring back the alligators to God's alligator preserve.

Call Texas Parks and Wildlife at 512-389-4800 and ask them to bring us any unwanted alligators that may have wandered into people's yards. And please tell them to stop the killing of these magnificent creatures of God's Creation.

Thank you for helping insure that we have ALLIGATORS FOREVER!!!

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