America's native forests have been decimated over the last two hundred years or so. Very little is left of the magnificent forests that were inhabited for thousands of years by Native Americans before the arrival of European invaders.

We have a moral and ethical obligation to protect and preserve every one of the few acres of America's undefiled forests.

We feel that the political process in America has failed to protect the last remnants of our great forest legacy. We feel that the judicial process has failed to protect our disappearing native forests. We feel that corporate America has failed in their ethical obligation to preserve the tiny vestiges of our once great forests in their care.

The last hope for God's great forests with which he blessed America is by instilling spiritual values in the stewards who are responsible for our forest legacy.

We call ourselves a spiritual nation yet we do not follow God's command to protect and preserve all the species of Creation.

It is the mission of AMERICAN FOREST TRUST, to establish a network of Wilderness Cathedrals throughout America, where the spirit of God as reflected in His great works can be preserved for all generations.

If we are to achieve the goal we desperately need your help. We are in the process of purchasing our first Wilderness Cathedral, which is a glorious wonderland of ancient oaks, pines, magnolias, and countless other species.

Your contribution will be blessed by God.
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