Wherever and whenever there is a threat to America the beautiful, we want the American Green Cross to be there.

Our beautiful country has never been more threatened with environmental disasters than now. We seem to have lost our way as American stewards of the great natural blessing that God has bestowed upon us.

America is scarred, clear-cut, laid waste, paved over, eroded and defiled by greedy plunderers who have lost their patriotism and respect for God and Creation.

Please help us to establish a fund large enough to snatch from the edge of disaster, those parts of America the beautiful which are in imminent danger of destruction by the forces of greed which seems to have infected America.

To be included on our member list, please send us an e-mail and provide the following information: Your name, address, and e-mail address. Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions. We would love to hear from you!

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