Jesus was very upset with hypocrisy. The Gospel of Matthew, Chapter 23 is quite clear in this regard.

Without question, far too many Americans who call themselves Christians, would meet Jesus’ definition of hypocrite. 

What are a few examples of the types of beliefs and/or actions of certain of our citizens which would cause Jesus to consider them to be hypocrites?

Following are just a few:

We deplore the destruction of the world’s rainforests by other nations yet we continue to destroy our own native forests at an alarming rate.

We deplore terrorism when perpetrated upon us by foreign powers but we continue to use terrorism against innocent civilians both at home and abroad.

We say that we care about the health, welfare, and education of our children, yet we imprison them in sterile windowless schools and supply them with junk food and caffeine laced soft drinks.

We say that we care about animal welfare and make donations to animal shelters yet we continue our ravenous appetite for factory raised animals which have been abused and then slaughtered in the most inhumane fashion imaginable.

We say that we care about honesty and integrity in government yet we continue to elect persons who whore themselves to the highest bidder when they take office.

In surveys we declare that we mostly watch educational programming but video store rental records indicate that violence and porn rule.

We loudly declare our allegiance to God, honesty and integrity on Sunday, but by Monday are busily lying, cheating, and conning others with the justification that, “that’s business”.

We proclaim that we care about the poor, hungry and homeless but when it comes time to help them we declare them to be lazy and worthless and unworthy of help.

We get angry when we hear about the death penalty carried out in Third World dictatorships yet we cry for blood and the death penalty in our so-called civilized nation, even knowing that as many as 1 in 10 persons killed by the state are totally innocent of the crime.

We pontificate about the abuse of women in the Third World, yet we work to deny women their basic freedom to plan their families and have dominion over their own bodies while our own Supreme Court has recently ruled that it is ok to strip search women and lock them up for failing to wear a seat belt.

We call ourselves conservationists yet we continue to waste our precious resources like no other nation in the history of the planet.

We call ourselves patriots and defenders of freedom and in the next breath call for more and more police powers over our lives.

We proclaim that we should throw drug users and dealers in super-max torture chambers yet we ply our bodies with dangerous prescription pain killers, muscle relaxers, tranquilizers, sleeping pills. We subsidize the growing of the killer narcotic, nicotine and swig huge quantities of booze.

We call ourselves a Christian nation yet if Jesus were to return today He would have a hard time finding many people who He could identify as a Christian by their actions.


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