Poor Jesus suffered far less on the Cross than does the average American as he or she enters the chamber of horrors of THE AMERICAN WAY OF DEATH.

We are such fools! We blindly go about our lives, never contemplating the inevitability of death. We focus on sex, drugs, gambling, the ‘rapture’, wealth, pleasure, materialism, ego, beauty, youth, and other aspects of THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE while denying the millions of aged Americans who are in the last throws of dying in such a horrible fashion that the most evil inquisitors of the Middle Ages could learn from the pernicious evil of THE AMERICAN WAY OF DEATH.

Our political leaders harass, intimidate, and incarcerate those heroic citizens who attempt to allow our senior citizens and other terminal Americans the right to die in dignity. The torture of the dying is MONEY MAKING BUSINESS and that is what America and right-wing fundamentalist so-called ‘christianity’ is all about in modern America.

We make money pushing killer cigarettes on innocent children and then when they develop lung cancer we make money in a futile attempt to cure the cancer and then we make money while we torture them in ‘intensive care’ units until their money runs out and the we make money embalming them and selling their loved ones over priced burial vaults.

Millions of senior citizens are sequestered in torture chambers from hell, called ‘rest homes’ where they are not allowed to either die in peace or to die without pain and suffering. No matter how horrible their pain they are not allowed pain killing medications or natural pain killers such as God Created marijuana or opium because they might become addicted a day or two before dying in peace. Therefore they are forced to suffer unto death to avoid addiction.

Our sick and evil political leaders who refuse to separate Church from State abuse their power to deny the dying the right to choose when and how they will pass to the PROMISED LAND. Instead they thump on their Bibles and threaten the loving physicians who would bring comfort to the dying, with imprisonment. How evil and Satanic!!!

Yes, my fellow Americans, THE AMERICAN WAY OF DEATH is a State imposed series of tortures that last until the last penny has been sucked from your estate and then and only then are you allowed to die in the last throws of agony.

Better to be nailed to a Cross for a few hours than to suffer the endless pain and torture that represents THE AMERICAN WAY OF DEATH.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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