There are those who falsly believe that only humans have souls and are worthy of the love of God. How foolish!!! How stupid!!!

Every living creature on Planet Eden is the child of God and the spirit of God resides therein. It is in fact the spirit of God which resides within us which constitutes our individual souls.

Have you not looked into the eyes of your faithful dog or your loving yet independent cat and not seen the spirit of God.

Do you for one minute believe that God created every creature both great and small and cares nothing for His spirit which resides within them?

Do you for one minute believe that Heaven is devoid of our animal friends? What kind of place would heaven be without the song of God's birds, the beauty of God's butterflies, the love of God's puppies and kittens?

Would your want to go to a heaven where all you did for eternity is walk on streets of gold, sit on clouds and play harps for a billion years on end.

Sounds more like hell to me.

Heaven is the realm where all the souls of all of God's worthy children unite in a spirit of love and caring and where each bird sings a beautiful song to the wolf and the lion and the butterfly alights on the nose of the fox for amusement.

Yes, indeed, all of God's children have souls, whether the tiniest firefly or the grandest whale.


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