America is bankrupt and has yet to realize it. She has plundered her resources to the point of no return and is living on borrowed time and natural assets plundered from other parts of what was once Planet Eden.

For a country or civilization to survive long-term it must arrive at a sustainable equilibrium with its natural resources. The same principle holds true for families and business. When the principle is squandered there will no longer be any interest with which to pay the bills.

America has squandered her principle instead of living off of the interest from her natural resources. Soon we will be a nation known around the world as BANKRUPT AMERICA rather than AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL for our country is rapidly becoming scarred and ugly and destitute.

Our once great abundant forests have been plundered and clear-cut.

Our once vast fossil fuel reserves have been largely sucked dry and wasted.

Our great pools of pure natural aquifers have been squandered for no legitimate reason.

Our once beautiful native grasslands and prairies have been plowed under, fragmented, and desertified by overgrazing.

Our springs, rivers, and estuaries have been damned up, laced with cancer causing chemicals, and made unfit for either man or beast.

Bankrupt America will soon no longer be The Land of the Free for when a nation loses its ability to sustain itself, it becomes dependent upon others and more often than not those ‘others’ are more interested in how they can consume and enslave us than in how they can save us from our own greed and stupidity.

It is not too late. We can avoid bankruptcy as a nation but we must take immediate drastic steps in order to save ourselves, our nation, and our democratic freedoms.


1. Stop the plunder and destruction of our native forests.

2. Develop solar power resources.

3. Place deposits on all recyclable materials.

4. Outlaw drive through windows at all businesses.

5. Halt all further urban sprawl.

6. Double mandatory automobile mileage standards.

7. Build a high speed electric rail network.

8. Stop the production and distribution of all unnecessary chemical agents.

9. Outlaw windowless classrooms for our children

10. Outlaw junk food for children under the age of 18.

11. Reduce the number of cattle, sheep and goats by 50%.

12. Build no more dams.

13. Outlaw monoculture exotic lawns that waste water resources and require chemical maintenance.

14. Build no new golf courses.

15. Remove all interstate 18 wheelers from our highways and place them on rail cars.

16. Outlaw internal combustion vehicles in our urban centers.

17. Make sidewalks and bike trails a mandatory part of making America pedestrian-friendly.

18. Build thousands of small neighborhood schools that children can safely walk or ride their bikes to.

There are many other changes that we MUST make which will not only improve the quality of the lives of all Americans but will at least delay the bankruptcy of our great nation.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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