How does one celebrate Creation? Is there a special day for this celebration? Where does one go to celebrate Creation?

The answer to all of the above is very simple. As children of God and thus wonderful and amazing examples of God’s tapestry of life, humans have a moral and ethical obligation to God to celebrate Creation each and every day of our lives for without God’s gift of Creation we would not and could not exist.

God gave us many gifts with which to admire His/Her great and marvelous handiwork. We were blessed with eyes to see the colors of the rainbow, the colorwheel of life with its infinite shades and hues as reflected on the wings of a butterfly, the rich red of a rose, or the shimmering glow of sunlight filtering autumn leaves.

God gave us the gift of smell with which to delight in the fragrance of wildflowers, the exhilarating smell of delicious fruits from God’s trees, and the rich odor of fertile loam teeming with millions of micro-organisms.

God gave us the gift of hearing so that we can admire the chorus of frogs, the chirping of baby birds, and the soothing sound of a mother singing to her baby.

God gave us the gift of touch so that we can luxuriate in the warmth of a bubble bath, admire the smoothness of a baby’s skin, and know and understand the special essence of touch between husband and wife.

God gave us the gift of taste so that we savor the myriad flavors of the fruits of Creation with which we sustain our bodies.

The gift of Creation is the gift of life itself and thus the cause of great and continuous celebration with every breath we take, every sunset we admire, the song of every bird we hear, and the hugs from those who love us.


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