Without God's magnificent gift of all Creation there would have been no beauty, no blue skies, no clear waters, no bird song, no laughter of little children. There would have been no Adam nor Eve, nor Moses, nor Mohammed, nor Budda, nor any other of the great leaders of the world's religions. Nor for Christians would Jesus have been sent amongst us for there would have been no people to minister to.

We all have a debt to God that can only be paid by our stewardship of Creation. All the Earth and all thereon belong to God and is the property of God placed here for our perpetual benefit. Tragically humans have lost sight of God's spirit which resides within every part of His Creation. When we kill the Earth we are stabbing God in His heart. God is greatly saddened as he watches the selfish and the greedy plunder and destroy his Creation. We must gather together to inform all peoples that when we kill the earth we are killing ourselves and we are wounding God's spirit.

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