Most people who call themselves ‘conservatives’ think of themselves as patriots.

Many, unfortunately, are sadly mistaken for they confuse patriotism with denying women the right to choose, homophobia, wasteful exploitation of our vanishing resources, chanting war slogans, and forcing their religious extremism upon their fellow citizens.

There are however many citizens who are not only genuine conservatives but true patriots as well.

These conservative patriots care not only about America and her long-term survival as a nation of freedom of speech and freedom of choice and freedom from intolerance, but they also are genuinely dedicated to making whatever personal material sacrifices which may be necessary to keep America strong and beautiful by conserving her forests, her prairies, her mountains, her waters and the purity of her air.

Conservative patriots place a higher value on honesty, integrity, and concern for others than they do on the laissez-faire accumulation of personal wealth and power at any cost to their fellow citizens or their environment.

Conservative patriots stand ready to defend America from tyranny, extremism, violence, bigotry, hatred, and terror in any form.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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