The most evil and dangerous terrorism taking place on our planet today is ECOTERRORISM.

ECOTERRORISTS are destroying the life support systems for the human and most other species of life on earth.

Who are the ecoterrorists?

A few examples of these terrorists who are committing heinous crimes against nature and against humanity and thus crimes against God are as follows:

1. Those persons responsible for destroying our remaining rainforests and clear-cutting our native temperate forests.

2. Those persons who are knowingly poisoning and polluting our life giving air and water with garbage, sewage, and toxic wastes.

3. Those persons who are killing our oceans, lakes, and rivers by over-fishing, dumping toxic wastes, damming, channelizing, and diverting and wasting water.

4. Those persons who are creating and marketing thousands of toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and other dangerous and overused chemicals which are causing cancer, birth defects, extinction of species, and poisoning of our soils, waters, and air.

5. Those persons who manufacture and sell bulldozers, chainsaws, tree crushers, and other machines which they know will be used to destroy God's Creation.

6. Those governmental leaders who take "contributions" from eco-terrorists and who turn their backs on their duty to protect their constituents from harm.

Every citizen who loves God, Jesus, Moses, Mohammed, Noah, Buddha or any other of God's special children and agents for good, must confront the evil of the eco-terrorists by rebuking their behavior and begging them to repent and change the evil nature of their actions to that of doing good and becoming God's stewards.


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