THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH traces its origins to those of the human species who dedicated their lives and sometimes sacrificed their lives to ethical principles.

Jesus Christ was a major force in promoting ethics and reason in a world which had become cruel, chaotic, greedy, abusive, violent, and uncaring.

For this reason THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH looks to the example and teachings of Jesus as a source of inspiration and leadership in our efforts to bring peace and caring to Planet Eden.

Ethicians must not fear the forces of evil and hypocrisy which could cause them to waver in their resolve to defeat greed, dishonesty, cruelty, and perhaps most importantly at this moment in history, the destruction of the life support systems of Planet Eden as so generously provided to us by God.

What examples does Jesus give us to follow?

1. He feared not the evil politicians of His time.

2. He directly and publicly confronted the hypocrites which were perverting religion.

3. He did not fear death which He faced in defying wrong doing.

4. He loved God the Father/Mother Almighty and respected and cared for Creation.

5. He was not consumed by greed but by love for both His human and animal brothers and sisters

6. He rebuked evil-doers wherever and whenever He confronted them.

Christ was a great Ethician leader and one of the original pillars of THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH.


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