Ethician Music

When God created the universe, music was fundamental to the dances of the stars in the heavens. Every sprinkling of star dust from which life was created had in its very essence the rhythm of life.

Beautiful music brings joy to the heart of God. Nothing is more pleasant to the ear of the Creator than to listen to the songs of His/Her birds, great whales, wolves, humans, and other creatures. Even the very trees sing as gentle breezes move their branches. The howling winds of winter announce to God the wonder of the seasons, the crashing waves of the oceans sooth the heart God, the bubbling melody of a mountain stream comforts the trout and the salmon.
Ethician music is the music of nature and the beautiful songs and psalms designed by God's human children. Beautiful words of love, and praise and thanksgiving are a delight to the soul and thus ethical.

God never intended humans to play raucous amplified noise full of cursing, hate, abuse, bigotry, and ugliness. Such are not the sounds which make God happy.

Nor is God happy when the great whales cry out in pain after being harpooned by evil humans or the bellowing of a bull tortured in a bullfight.

God looks down in great sadness when pigs cry out at the slaughter house, or women scream during an assault, or a mighty redwood crashes to the ground after being murdered by greedy humans.

Even Jesus is offended when young people damage their hearing for life, listening to so-called "Christian" rock.

Please, for the sake of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and the other great prophets of God, sing and dance in such a manner as to make God smile.


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