*Glory * 01-02-05

Glorious is the best word I can find to describe the services at the Wilderness Cathedral. Whatever the weather, the opportunity to praise God and to actually FEEL His presence in the open, under the trees hung with Spanish Moss on this narrow peninsula surrounded by water an hour before sunset each Saturday evening is a privilege for which I am ever grateful. Others who attend these services are of like mind and it is a pleasure to share the rare experiences that occur.

For those of you who have never attended, try to imagine sitting under the trees, feeling the breeze, enjoying the beauties of nature and participating in a short but inspirational ritual accompanied by the sounds of the creatures of the woods. Sometimes our choir is the call of the cormorants that roost nearby. Other times it is the howl of the coyotes in the distance. One evening the wind had its word as it blew in with enough power to upturn chairs, and the sound of the waves against the shore is pleasant background music. We are thrilled when large birds fly above us seemingly blessing our service. One evening Kenneth saw an eagle but didn’t mention it because he didn’t want to interrupt our quiet time, but he was informed to let us all know next time.

Our first service of the New Year was yesterday, January 1, 2005. And what a service it was! Instead of long, drawn out sermons we have sermonettes that last only three minutes. Yesterday George was reading a small essay by Susan Polis Schutz when we experienced an awesome occurance. He started reading and at the end of each phrase a Cardinal responded thus…

Dreams can come true chirp, chirp, chee

If you take the time to chirp, chirp, chee

Think about what you want in life chirp, chirp, chee

Get to know yourself chirp, chirp, chee.

But don’t think about yourself so much chirp, chirp, chee.

That you analyze every word and action. chirp, chirp, chee. *. . .*

*. . .* Take part in the beauty of nature chirp, chirp, chee.

Be appreciative of all that you have chirp, chirp, chee.

Help those less fortunate than you chirp, chirp, chee.

Try to make other lives happy chirp, chirp, chee

Work toward peace in the world chirp, Chirp, Chee . . .

We all got so amused that George had trouble reading the rest of the essay after our friendly cardinal flew further away and could still be faintly heard during the balance of the essay.

/Marjorie Haw Russell, //01-01-2005// /


27 OCTOBER 2003

Bishop Carlos H. Monsanto was elevated to Archbishop of Guatemala in a special ceremony conducted by Ethicius I, Prelate of The Universal Ethician Church, at The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral on the shores of Lake Livingston in East Texas, during sunset services on last Sunday evening.

“Archbishop Monsanto has valiantly served God by dedicating his life to helping others in many humanitarian, and inspirational capacities, as an educator, musician, scholar, family provider, and most importantly as a valiant defender of the poor and unfortunate in his country of birth—Guatemala”, announced the Prelate.

The new archbishop was born in Guatemala in 1935 and has been a naturalized American citizen for many years. He earned his Ph.D. in Spanish American Literature in 1966 and has extensive teaching experience in many capacities. He has been an Associate Professor of Spanish at The University of Houston since 1969.

Because of his faithful service to both his native country as well as his adopted country, Dr. Monsanto serves as Honorary Consul of Guatemala, and as Goodwill Ambassador to both the City of Houston and State of Texas.

“His love of people and his dedication to the needs of the unfortunate, oftentimes at great personal sacrifice and even danger to both himself and his family coupled with his deep spiritual commitment made Dr. Monsanto the perfect candidate to represent our worldwide interfaith movement in Guatemala,” the Prelate continued.

In his former capacity as an Ethician Bishop, Monsanto has traveled to Guatemala to aid the poor, raised funds to help needy Hispanic students continue their educations, volunteered his services as an accomplished musician to M.D. Anderson Hospital as well as to many civic, religious, social and cultural institutions.


16 FEBRUARY 2003

The sound of chain saws on the grounds of Sam Houston’s original homestead in Huntsville, Texas alerted citizens to an atrocity that was taking place at taxpayer expense.

Investigation revealed that contractors working for The City of Huntsville were frantically killing important historic shade trees on public property. Natalie Stephens and George Russell who live on Texas hero Sam Houston’s original homestead could not believe their eyes as they saw men with chain saws destroying trees that were so precious to Huntsville’s citizens in years past that they were the focal point of press conferences and citizen led demonstrations.

Russell asked the contractor to please stop the massacre until such time as it could be determined who had made the terrible and probably illegal decision to kill the majestic trees. The contractor said that he was under orders to destroy all seven trees and that he would not stop.

Rushing to City Hall, Stephens and Russell asked for anyone in authority who would stop the killing. All city officials had taken an early lunch and were nowhere to be found. Russell then called the Huntsville Police Department and asked that an officer stop the destruction to public property.

Sam Houston State University and Huntsville Police officers were able to convince the logging contractor to stop. Immediately thereafter a City official arrived and attempted to recommence the carnage.

Russell, who has for decades been the protector of the Sam Houston homestead and who has invested huge sums of money to defend it from desecration, demanded that the official who identified himself as Randy Brown, Director of Public Works, call a halt to the chainsaw massacre. After a heated debate between Russell and Brown, refereed by University and City police officers, Brown finally agreed to stay the execution.

The next morning Brown called Russell at his office on the Sam Houston homestead and according to Russell, almost gleefully, said that he was going to order the destruction of the remaining three trees, beginning Monday morning, February 17, 2003. Sam Houston was President of The Republic of Texas and Mr. Brown therefore was ironically ordering the killing of the remaining Houston descendent trees on “President’s Day”.

Russell, who is Forest Practices Chair, Lone Star Sierra Club and an expert on urban forestry issues, using the Texas Agricultural Extension Service Evaluation of Texas Shade Trees formula, placed a value of the trees already destroyed at $9,564.00 and the surviving trees that City functionary and bureaucrat, Brown has condemned to death, at $15,313.00.

In a Valentine’s Day phone call to Huntsville Mayor, Bill Green, Russell demanded that Green take action to prevent the further desecration of Sam Houston’s legacy. In a subsequent e-mail to Green, Russell asked that City bureaucrats found responsible for the destruction of valuable public property be required to make restitution to the citizens of Huntsville.

Dr. Jim Carter, former City Council Member and Mayor Pro-tem who had been instrumental in the decision by Council to save these important historic trees, expressed shock, exasperation, and disgust, at what he called, “a mindless and continuing vendetta against our heritage and quality of life in Huntsville by our own so-called public servants”.


6 JANUARY 2003

Ethician feng shui is based on the relationship between the spirit and soul of a house, building or other human designed architectural feature and the spirit and soul of that part of the universe of which it is a part.

Every house has a unique spirit that is either negative, positive or neutral as a separate element of its spiritual relationship with its environment and surroundings. The element of ‘soul’ is that which separates a ‘house’ from a ‘home’.

The Ethician Feng Shui Master reads the spirit of the house or other building, from which a determination about the degree of warmth of its soul can be read. The Feng Shui Master then reads the soul of the owner, owners, or prospective buyers of the property and determines a compatibility factor.

Next the building’s spiritual essence is read in relationship the essence of surrounding architectural features to determine if a conflict exists or if there is a harmonious relationship.

Finally, and perhaps the most important element of Ethician Feng Shui, that separates it from its Oriental parent, is a holistic environmental assessment of the spiritual essence of the natural surroundings and the relationship between the animate and inanimate life forms and natural physical features of the site.

The essential elements of a positive relationship are based upon the natural biota and the interrelationships between trees, shrubs, grasses, vines, forbs, fungi, and other native plants, and their dependent birds, insects, mammals, and other native creatures. The symbiotic relationships of the natural community with the current or future inhabitants is determined to insure compatibility. Pets become a part of the equation at this point in the process.

Aesthetics plays an important role in determining such elements as peacefulness, tranquility, harmony, beauty, compatibility, spirituality, and contentment. The architecture of a building may contribute to its own mental health. A building’s function or dysfunction, negative or positive spirit, aesthetic harmony or disharmony, or other ‘healthful’ or ‘toxic’ features play a strong role in the positive or negative mental health of the inhabitants.

The aesthetic elements of inanimate features in the environment also play either a positive or negative role in the mental health of the inhabitants. Vistas, panoramas, geologic features, the presence or absence of wind, water, waves, sunlight, colors, contrasts, stars, sun and moon rises and sets are further determining factors.

Ethician Feng Shui is all inclusive, and is not based on formulae written in stone as there are literally infinite combinations of relationships between all of the spiritual elements involved in Ethician Soul Reading. The Master is a person, who through a personal relationship with the spirit of the Universe has developed the ability to feel the essence of each unique combination of elements in determining the spiritual health of a building site, building, or inhabitants.

ETHICIUS I is the founder of the Ethician Feng Shui movement and, at present, is its only qualified Master.

He is available for consultation. All fees are donations to the Wilderness Cathedral Mission of The Universal Ethician Church.

If you are considering the purchase of a house in the $1,000,000.00 plus range, you may wish to have an Ethician Feng Shui analysis conducted before making your decision.

The minimum donation for a one day consultation is $10,000.00 plus door-to-door transportation and expenses.

Many houses in the million dollar plus range have terrifyingly toxic Ethician Feng Shui. Some of the negative features include but are not limited to:

1. Bad architectural design
2. Improper placement on the property.
3. Toxic aesthetic views from windows.
4. Destruction of positive natural features.
5. Disharmony with its surroundings.

Some additional negative syndromes include:

1. “House in a hole syndrome”
2. “House as a tumor on the landscape syndrome”
3. “White trash with too much money syndrome”
4. “Hubris with ignorance syndrome”
5. “Dead nature, dead spirit syndrome”

Should you decide to utilize the spiritual expertise of ETHICIUS I, your property or prospective property will be given a grade from between 0 and 100. A grade of from 70 to 100 is considered passing. One would be advised to give much thought and soul searching before purchasing a property with a grade of less than 70.

Obviously one cannot warrant or defend in court an Ethician Soul Reading and thus the client must be totally comfortable with the fact that Ethicius and The Universal Ethician Church are absolved from any and all liability associated with an Ethician Feng Shui assessment of your property. The client further agrees to indemnify Ethicius and The Universal Ethician Church from any liability associated with a client making a decision to cancel a contract, not purchase a property or any other decision based upon the reading and score given.

The donation is based on a maximum 10 hour day including travel time. If several properties are involved the depth of the reading may not be as detailed but it will be possible to weigh the relative Ethician Feng Shui values between properties, which would be of great help to the client in making a decision about eliminating certain properties and placing others on a positive selection list from which to choose.

The Universal Ethician Church will pay a $1,000.00 referral or finder’s fee to either the charity of choice of the ‘finder’ or to the ‘finder’s firm or person for each paying client found or referred.


Vernacular Architect – Russell has designed and built various complex and unique structures and additions that are reflective of his intense sense of aesthetics.

Restoration Specialist – Russell has dismantled and restored several pioneer log structures, restored various 19th century buildings in Texas and several medieval and renaissance structures in Italy.

Forest Ecologist – Russell has studied forest ecology for over 50 years and is the owner and protector of rare old-growth forest ecosystems. He has served as Forest Practices Chair, Lone Star Sierra Club for a quarter of a century.

Video Producer – Russell has been CEO of Educational Video Network (http://www.edvidnet.com) since 1974 and has produced hundreds of filmstrip and videos on art, architecture, color, light, ecology, cultural history, psychology, human dysfunction, and numerous other subjects.

Theologian-Spiritual Leader – Russell is founder of The Universal Ethician Church, a world-wide ecumenical movement that addresses the complex spiritual and biological relationships between humans and the universe. As Prelate, he has taken the name, Ethicius I (http://www.salvationnetwork.org)

Anthropologist-Cultural Ecologist – Russell’s University and field research background is in Anthropology/Cultural Ecology/Cultural Geography/Latin American Area Studies and Romance Languages. He has studied the interrelationships between human culture and environment in various parts of the world over a period of 40 years.

American Patriot – Russell, who served his country as an Army Officer 1970-1974, is founder of The Patriot Network at http://www.patriotnetwork.org.

Philosopher – Russell has produced many philosophical essays that attempt to convey the position of the human species in its interrelationship with the tapestry of life forms that constitute our biosphere.


3 JANUARY 2003

The public is cordially invited to visit The Chapel of the Nativity at Waterwood in San Jacinto County, Texas at 3 P.M. on January 6, 2003 to honor the birth of Christ as did the three wise men of old, who according to tradition, arrived in Bethlehem on that day over 2,000 years ago.  To view a map for directions, please visit http://www.eastersunrise.org.

The Chapel of the Nativity is a "Church Without Doors" where you are invited to come at any time for prayer and meditation and to give thanks to God for sending His Son to us those many years ago.

THREE KINGS DAY is celebrated in much of the Christian world and is based on the following:

"Now after Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem, saying, "Where is He who has been born King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him."

When they heard the king, they departed; and behold, the star which they had seen in the East went before them, till is came and stood over where the young Child was.

When they saw the star, they rejoiced with exceedingly great joy.

"And when they had come into the stable, they saw the young Child with Mary His mother, and fell down and worshiped Him. And when they had opened their treasures, they presented gifts to Him: gold, frankincense, and myrrh."
       (Matthew 2:1-2&9-11)

George H. Russell


2 JANUARY 2003

Ever since his first trips to Egypt and Rome over 40 years ago, Dr. Kenneth L. Russell of Huntsville, Texas and Gioviano, Italy has been fascinated by the history of pyramid building.

One of his favorite pyramids is the Pyramid of Cestius in Rome. This fascinating pyramid was constructed c12 B.C. and was later built into the walls of the city where it can be visited to this day.

“At church services conducted at The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral during November of this year, I jokingly mentioned that it would be fun to build a pyramid as my final resting place,” explained Russell. “Much to my surprise, a crew of about ten men showed up the next day to start building me a pyramid and I was told that like the Egyptian Pharaoh, Cheops, I would be responsible for supervising the construction,” he continued.

“My son, George, is really a hoot and loves to do wild and crazy things for his mother and me, so I have to be very careful about what I wish for, because chances are it will show up as a surprise. He also likes to challenge me if I say something is impossible; like the time I showed him the photograph of me as a baby pretending to drive my Dad’s 1911 Hudson. He asked me if I would like to have one and I said that they had all gone to the auto graveyard at least 50 years ago. About a month later, there came George chugging along, behind the wheel of a 1911 Hudson, to pick us up at the edge of town, after our return from Egypt and Italy, where we had been working on educational films about, of all things, pyramids.”

The “Pyramid of Russell” is approximately a 1/5th scale model of that of Cestius, which is over 100 feet high. Unlike that of Cestius, who died before the birth of Christ, Dr. Russell’s pyramid has three large crosses that serve as windows. His son teases him, telling his father that he is going to have him freeze dried, so that he can sit in a chair, looking out the cross windows at the beautiful waters of Lake Livingston for the next thousand years or so.

A map giving directions to The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral can be found at www.eastersunrise.org. The Russells will be happy to show visitors their new pyramid that they hope to have completed by the end of January 2003.


30 DECEMBER 2002

A sanctuary where eagles can continue to live in peace, away from encroaching sprawl and development, has been established along a half mile of forested shoreline on Lake Livingston in east Texas.

The donors, Suzanne B. and George H. Russell, purchased the land in 1998 from Charles Hurwitz, who also owns Pacific Lumber, with the dream of someday being able to permanently protect it as a part of our nation’s vanishing natural heritage.

Shortly before Christmas, an eagle flew from the shores of what would become the new preserve, to the Russell’s “Alligator Ranch” house where he perched in a tall tree. George went outside to get a better look and the eagle looked down at him as if talking, with a musical “cluck-cluck-cluck----cluck-cluck-cluck-cluck” that reminded him of a happy hen.

Russell said, “I believed that the eagle was attempting to politely ask me to please protect his home for the sake of his children and grandchildren, so I resolved then and there to establish a perpetual sanctuary, not only for the eagle but for the hundreds of other species that reside in the ancient forest and along the shores of the lake as well.”

Within a few days, the Russells had made arrangements to donate a conservation easement to Natural Area Preservation Association, a Texas Land Trust, to establish the “Cuauhtlatoatzin (Talking Eagle) Sanctuary” in honor of the Ethician Saint, Juan Diego, the Aztec Prince whose name in Nahuatl, is Talking Eagle.

Under the terms of the easement, the 111 lots that had been surveyed on the 46 acre property can never be developed, nor can any trees be cut or wildlife be killed. According to the Russells, waterfront property of this quality is already selling to developers for up to $200,000 per acre on Lake Conroe only a few miles to the south, and prime waterfront lots on Lake Livingston are selling for up to $300,000.

“I had been worrying about what might happen if someday a grandchild or great grandchild of ours should eventually inherit the property and be tempted to sell the eagle’s home to developers,” said Russell. “Now that it will be protected as a remnant of Planet Eden forever, I can sleep more peacefully,” he continued.

“When I returned from the San Jacinto County Courthouse, where I had just filed the easement document, my daughter Anne, excitedly told me that the eagle had landed in a tree adjacent to the Texas and American flags at my parent’s home on Pelican Point, a rocky peninsula just up river from the new sanctuary,” Russell exclaimed. Anne chimed in, “It was as if he had come to thank us for protecting his home.”

(Visit www.edenlost.org, www.freephotogallery.org, and www.eastersunrise.org for more information about the sanctuaries the Russell family are establishing)


27 DECEMBER 2002

Sometime shortly before Christmas, vandals killed ten of the only Longleaf Pine trees that still exist in America, west of the Trinity River in E. Texas. Each tree was marked with a ribbon so that it would not be mistaken with the overabundant Loblolly Pines that have invaded the Longleaf habitat and prevented their regeneration.

On November 16, 2002, Dr. and Mrs. K. L. Russell, in an effort to save this disappearing species, donated a perpetual conservation easement to Natural Area Preservation Association. The new preserve is named the “Russell-Fritz Westernmost Longleaf Pine Preserve” and is located on the shores of Lake Livingston in San Jacinto County, Texas. Although a formal appraisal has yet to be conducted, it is estimated that the value of the perpetual gift to future generations will be in excess of one million dollars.

The pines that were hacked down lined the beautiful drive that borders the preserve. Local residents had been made aware of the value of the pines and their importance to the future of “America the Beautiful,” making the vandalism especially heinous. The Russells were sick at heart at the sight of the dead pines lying by the side of the road. At age 91, Dr. Russell is concerned that he may not live long enough to see new trees sprout and take the place of those that were hacked down.

A $1,000.00 reward has been offered by the “Friends of the Longleaf Pines” for information leading to the arrest and conviction of, and restitution by the vandals who destroyed these exceedingly rare and beautiful trees. Over 98% of the Longleaf Pines in the world have already been exterminated, leaving only 2% for the enjoyment of future generations. The destroyed trees were especially rare since they were thought to have been extinct west of the Trinity River by the 1940s.


24 DECEMBER 2002

Please join us on Christmas Eve 2002 at 3 p.m. for the dedication of WATERWOOD’S Chapel of the Nativity at Waterwood Parkway and FM 980, In San Jacinto County, Texas.

It is our hope that we can leave the chapel open 24 hours a day – 365 days a year for prayer and meditation by all peoples of all faiths and all denominations.

It is our belief that JESUS’ birth should be celebrated every day of every year.

After the short ceremony those who wish may walk the short, easy trail to admire the beautiful gift of CREATION.


11 NOVEMBER 2002

The Natural Area Preservation Association (NAPA) is the recipient of a new conservation easement conferring permanent preservation on 130 acres of land on Lake Livingston in northeast San Jacinto County, in East Texas.

Kenneth and Marjorie Russell, long-time conservationists and residents of Huntsville, Texas, have granted the conservation easement as part of their effort to preserve a significant area of natural East Texas scenery and wildlife habitat. Dr. Russell is 91 and Marjorie is 87 years of age. They believe that the greatest legacy a person can leave for future generations is one that will have perpetual value to humankind. They believe that the protection and preservation of America’s natural heritage has infinite value, far greater than a short-lived legacy such as a public building that will be bulldozed in less than a century.

Wilderness is forever.

In 2001, the Russells donated a similar easement to NAPA preserving a 311-acre tract that includes several miles of lakefront on Lake Livingston as well as swamps and bottomland forests, some of which have only been logged once since East Texas was settled. The appraised value of last year’s gift to future generations was in excess of $2,000,000.

The new 130-acre area is entirely forested. It is a diverse area, ranging from hilltop savannas of native longleaf pine trees to bottomland swamps. An outcrop of large boulders, unusual in East Texas, occurs at one location. More than 300 kinds of plants have been identified on the land.

Perhaps the most significant aspect of the new preserve is the large number of longleaf pines. Longleafs are native to East Texas and once were one of the most valuable timber trees in North America. Longleaf timber is still sought after by builders. But most longleaf stands were logged early in the twentieth century and replanted in faster-growing, commercial pine species such as loblolly and slash pine. Only a few stands of longleaf pine remain in East Texas.

Originally, longleaf pine grew in a belt from southeast Texas to North Carolina. The trees on the Russells’ property are the westernmost longleaf pines that are known. The preserve will offer opportunities for scientific studies to determine if the longleaf pines are genetically adapted to drought or a different climate.

Dr. Kenneth Lee Russell’s interest in conservation stems from experiences early in his life. He grew up on a Brown Leghorn and Duroc Jersey farm near Chilhowee, Missouri. Dr. Russell’s vocational agriculture teacher taught him the importance of soil conservation as erosion was removing the soil that provided the basis for the region’s economy and wildlife. He watched farmers cut down the Osage orange hedge fences that provided homes for animals and bird life. He was frustrated because he could not get his father to build terraces to protect the soil, but always received the comment, “Maybe next year.”

When Dr. Russell became a teacher of vocational agriculture in Sarcoxie and Neosho, Missouri, he taught his students the importance of preserving soil and wildlife. Later, in training vocational agriculture teachers at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, he continued his teaching of soil and wild life conservation.

Marjorie Haw Russell grew up in Charleston, Missouri, 14 miles from the Mississippi River. Old Man River dominated her life. On Sunday afternoon her father took the family for rides to see the river, but also to see the giant trees he wanted protected. Her father was later instrumental in establishing Big Oak State Park. Their Sunday rides taught her to appreciate the many aspects of nature and to love the forest and animal life.

Their worldwide travels convinced the couple that protecting the natural environment is crucial for the well-being of humanity. In 2001, the Russells’ purchase of forest land on Lake Livingston made it possible to establish this preserve which will protect the animals, plants, and natural conditions of the East Texas forest. Part of the Russells’ dream has come to pass.

“Places like this preserve will become very important for East Texans in the future,” said David Bezanson, executive director for NAPA. “Most of the land in East Texas today has been planted in commercial timber plantations with just a few kinds of trees and limited benefit for wildlife. There are not many places where East Texas residents can go and see the natural forests that we have always known.”

Conservation easements are agreements, or contracts, between a private landowner and a non-profit organization such as NAPA that restrict or prohibit future development on a piece of property. More than 100,000 acres in Texas have been set aside using these easements.

Natural Area Preservation Association is a Texas-based non-profit corporation, or land trust, that owns or manages 60 nature preserves scattered throughout the state. Many of NAPA’s preserves are located in East Texas, with others in north Texas and the Hill Country. NAPA also works with private landowners to suggest ways to protect the wildlife values of their land.

In addition to the Russells, the name of the new preserve honors Edward C. “Ned” Fritz, the founder of NAPA who has become legendary for advocating forest preservation in Texas.

The public is invited to attend the dedication of the new preserve that will take place at 1:30 P.M., Sunday the 24th of November, 2002. A short, easy trail, across the Parkway from the Waterwood Fire Station, leads to one of the most beautiful parts of the preserve, where the ceremony will take place. Waterwood is located seven miles south of U.S. Highway 190 between Livingston and Huntsville, Texas.


15 NOVEMBER 2002


Jesus’ Birthday has become a secular carnival of excess spending, waste, greed, and hypocrisy.

What ever happened to the inspirational Christmases of yesterday with their simple family gatherings, their moving church services, their pretty hand-made ornaments, and the spirit of giving to the less fortunate?

How could something so wonderful as the beautiful and miraculous birth of the Christchild in a rustic stable over two thousand years ago have turned into a festival of material lust?

If Jesus were born today, the Star of Bethlehem would not even be visible due to smog and light pollution. The stable owner would see a money-making opportunity and would sell tickets to anyone wishing to see the Baby Jesus. Filmmakers would try to buy the rights to film Mary and Joseph as they fled to Egypt. Instead of receiving only a few simple gifts, Jesus would be inundated with gifts from companies hoping for endorsements of their products. The family would be put up in a big name hotel for the publicity it would bring, diaper companies would fight over who could provide Jesus with the biggest supply of diapers and Mary would be hounded by baby food manufacturers who would want her to report that Jesus preferred their brand of pabulum over another brand.

Jesus’ Birthday and the Christmas Season must be made simple days of worship, meditation, relaxation, and family togetherness.


1. Protest the erecting of any Christmas decorations before December 12.

2. Recycle any Christmas gift catalog received before December 12 without opening it.

3. Resolve to purchase only one or two presents for each family member or special friends and stick to it.

4. Talk to your Priest or Pastor about delivering a message of what Jesus would want good Christians to do during the Christmas Season, which should never begin before December 12.

5. Take your children to help feed the hungry, provide shelter to the homeless, visit the sick and infirm, and sing carols to the elderly.

6. Teach your children the blessings of giving to the less fortunate rather than developing a greed lust for more and more presents for themselves.

7. If you hear your local radio station play Christmas music before December 12, call them and protest.

8. Let your local merchants know that you do not want to be inundated with Christmas advertisements, music and decorations when you are shopping during Thanksgiving.

9. Purchase or build a simple Nativity scene and use simple hand-made decorations in your home, church, or place of business.

Jesus’ Birthday and the Christmas Season must not be allowed to continue as a festival of greed and commerce.



14 OCTOBER 2002

What a grand surprise to look up into the skies over the Wilderness Cathedral and see 39 Pelicans soaring and gliding. It was September 23, which seemed a little early for Pelicans to come down from the north but since the Hummingbirds had been arriving in little swarms, it was obvious that Mother Nature was signaling her children that it was time to head south for the Winter.

On August 24th, I had seen as many as 20 Mississippi Kites soaring about on my way to the Cathedral and on September 2nd, I thought I saw another hawk migration but upon closer examination I saw a kindergarten class of 23 immature white ibises being led by their adult teacher. The teacher was showing the babies the art of gliding and soaring above the Cathedral.

September 3, brought another surprise. We had been talking with an agent of The Seventh Day Adventists of Texas about The Wilderness Cathedral, and creation ethics, and were looking toward the Cathedral from my parent's deck overlooking the water. In addition to numerous Snowy Egrets, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, and countless Terns, a flock of Pelicans flew over, followed by a gorgeous adult Bald Eagle. This was the first Eagle spotted in some time, and as the Eagle is a messenger of God who brings glad tidings, I suspect that it was rejoicing at the unity of Adventist and Ethician environmental ethics.

For the next month, there was little unusual in the comings and goings of our bird friends. Then on October 12, a little cool front brought with it an amazing influx of birds from the North. We took the boat out to monitor the shores of the Cathedral and for some reason I felt compelled to travel up river. The skies were clear and the air crisp. Soon we began to see more and more Snowy and Great Egrets by the hundreds, if not thousands. Flocks of Cormorants flew over the boat and in the part of the lake called "The Jungle", every one of the hundreds of floating logs was inhabited by phalanxes of terns and more terns. Perhaps 10,000 terns would not be an exaggeration.

Further ahead we thought we saw a new subdivision on the horizon. The houses appeared like an alabaster village, or a pure white city in Andalusia. When we arrived at the spot, we were greeted by thousands of
beautiful White Pelicans. The first flock consisted of at least 2,500 birds!!! As we moved up river, flock after flock appeared on the horizon where they were resting near the water's edge. Each group consisted of well in excess of a thousand birds. Then as we neared the Trinity River bridge at Riverside two huge waves of Pelicans arrived from the North and flew to meet their friends. A conservative estimate of the total number of Pelicans would be 10,000+!!!

The next day, my parents wished to see the Pelicans, so we decided to take the boat out before Church services at the Cathedral. We first went to the Marina to gas up. I looked up into the sky above the Cathedral and could hardly believe my eyes. A beautiful pink bird was soaring above. I grabbed the binoculars to determine what it was. Its spoon-like bill revealed its identity-a Roseate Spoonbill!!!

The day before I was hoping to see an eagle but did not really expect to see one for some reason. Today however, I had a premonition that an eagle would appear. Little did I dream that 5 eagles would make their appearance!!!

After leaving the Marina we headed around the Cathedral shores and at exactly the spot where I had seen the first eagle in my life, two eagles were doing aerial acrobatics or "Eagle Ballet". I had seen adult eagles during courtship displays behaving in this fashion but these were two juveniles, and it was Fall. They careened toward Zwicky Creek and we followed them, observing them for at least 20 minutes as they displayed their talents. A third eagle came up to watch but did not participate in the sport. While watching the eagles, we noticed a huge black raft on the water of Zwicky Bay. The raft consisted of at least 1,000 cormorants doing their synchronized swimming exercises. As we approached they swooped up from the water in unison in a most amazing display of aerial skills, as if the "Blue Angels" formation consisted of over a thousand jets.

We left the eagles for the place of the pelicans and when we arrived a thousand of more flew toward another group of their friends further North but at least another thousand remained to be photographed. Amongst the pelicans were various species of shore birds that I was not able to identify. As the waves were rather high and the skies overcast, we were the only boat on the lake that day which made the experience all the better.

Upon our return to my parent's house we went out on the deck to observe the vultures, terns, hummingbirds, sandpipers and other species, when two eagles flew directly over the house toward the Cathedral. A minute
or so later a third eagle flew over and then the two juvenile acrobats began to display their talents. Their fun was broken up by a crow that took great pleasure in attacking one of the eagles, chasing it and pecking at its tail feathers. Five eagles in five minutes is pretty wonderful and I hope is a sign of good tidings for all.

From the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral
George H. Russell

Don't Cry for Me

11 OCTOBER 2002

DON’T CRY FOR ME when you think that I am gone for I am still with you. My body has returned to the earth from which it was formed by God, but my spirit lives on in His loving embrace.

I have joined the spirit of God in all Creation. I am on riding on the wings of the fluttering butterfly and on the wings of the soaring eagle. When you feel the breath of God against your face in the gentle breeze, it is I who is whispering in your ear.

Don’t think of me in some distant land of sterile mansions and streets of Gold. Others have chosen to live there but I have chosen to travel with the Spirit of God throughout all Creation. I dance on the rays of the sun as they race toward your abode on Planet Eden. Look at the shimmering waters and watch for the twinkling of my eye as reflected in the sunlight.

Do you not see the tiny dark speck on the surface of the full moon? It is I, waving to you from afar, yet I am also there by your side, watching you gaze in wonder at the moon and the myriad stars of God’s infinite Universe.

I have joined the hummingbird and the bumblebee as they flit from flower to flower. I have climbed into the highest branches of the greatest oaks to marvel at the baby birds as they cry for their mother to bring them their dinner.

The great whales and I dive to the greatest depths of the ocean to marvel at the myriad forms of life therein and then with great joy we return to the surface to frolic in the waves. Yet I am also there by your side as you listen to the murmuring of the waves as they soothe your soul.

It is I singing with the birds. It is I dancing with the leaves. It is I floating gently over your head on a fluffy white cloud and when I wish to ride the rapids or cascade over a waterfall I dive to earth with the falling rain.

So, my dear beloved, DON’T CRY FOR ME, for God and I are with you always. And when your time has come to join us we will be your guide. Together, hand in hand, God and I will show you the wonders and reveal the mysteries of the marvelous tapestry of Creation.

And together we will visit those we’ve left behind and try to let them know that we are there in the falling snow, the scent of a wildflower, the song of the warbler, and the gentle breath of God as He caresses their lips and musses their hair.

~~George H. Russell
From the Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral


“Facing Terrorism: We Shall Overcome” is a moving new video production by Educational Video Network which has brought tears of both anguish and pride to the eyes of the viewers of this new educational video release.

Producer, Debbie Henke desired to produce a video tribute to all of those brave Americans who have fallen in defense of America. “I want every man, woman, and child in our great country to have the opportunity to learn about the horrors of terrorism and how we, as a unified nation working together, can overcome and prevail as the land of liberty and freedom.”

In order to accomplish this mission, Educational Video Network will donate up to 20,000 copies of the video to the “Interfaith Chapel of Peace” project, being conducted under the auspices of The Universal Ethician Church, a non-denominational interfaith fellowship with a membership of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and people from other faith traditions.

For a tax-deductible donation of $25.00 or more, a copy of the video will be sent to any non-profit organization of your choice, including any school, college, hospital, charity, fire or police department, scouting organization, civic club, or any other group dedicated to serving the American people and visitors to our great land.

A beautiful 10 acre site has already been donated for the construction of the Chapel of Peace, where peoples of all faiths may gather to pray for an end to terrorism and for a new era of world peace. The grounds are blessed with century-old trees, including several of the westernmost long-leaf pine trees in the world. In addition, a rare rock-ledge waterfall graces the property. It is shaded by ancient magnolias estimated to be up to 500 years old.

The foundation, parking, and utilities are already in place. It is estimated that an additional $500,000 in donations will be needed to build the chapel itself, which will be all glass, so that worshippers will feel that they are a part of the biosphere which sustains all life on our planet.

The Chapel of Peace project is under the auspices of The Universal Ethician Church. This chapel of hope and light will be available for interfaith conferences and for the religious ceremonies of all of the world’s religious traditions including marriages, at which time it will be called the “Chapel of Love”.

The chapel grounds are adjacent to The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral located on the shores of Lake Livingston in East Texas. The Cathedral has been proclaimed as the world’s largest, comprising 716 acres of native prairies and old-growth forest ecosystems. Eagles, ospreys, pelicans, herons, egrets, and dozens of other species of beautiful birds live on the cathedral grounds.

In order to secure a copy of the video for your favorite school, charity, or other non-profit organization, please send a donation of $25.00 or more to “Chapel of Peace Project”, c/o Educational Video Network, 1401 19th Street, Huntsville, Texas 77340 along with the name and address of the group to which you are donating the video.

For information about Educational Video Network, please visit www.instructionalgroup.com, and for information about The Universal Ethician Church, please visit www.salvationnetwork.org.


In the last few days alligators, eagles, and great blue herons have been spotted adjacent to THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL on the shores of Lake Livingston, in East Texas.

With temperatures climbing in to the 60’s, nearly a dozen Great Blue Herons were spotted preening on last year’s nests at their rookery on the rocky shores of the Cathedral grounds.

A young alligator, about four feet in length, was observed sunning on a log nearby and posed for photos after sliding into the water, while flocks of ducks flew overhead and beavers swam nearby.

This afternoon, as ETHICIUS I was taking his parents on a boat excursion to the Cathedral an eagle soared overhead heading toward the highway 190 bridge. A minute or two later a second eagle soared overhead heading toward the Waterwood Marina. About two minutes later, as they neared the cross on the shore of the Cathedral grounds a third eagle was spotted in a dead pine just across from the cross. 

He appeared to be guarding it as well as the Cathedral grounds and was totally unconcerned by the presence of a boat and its passengers which stopped to take photos of him.

Sea gulls by the dozens followed the boat throughout its travels over the relatively placid lake. With Red-bud trees blooming and other trees budding out, Spring is obviously just around the corner.


On December 12, 2001, ETHICIUS I, Prelate, THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH announced to the world that the Aztec Indian, Juan Diego, who in 1531 was visited by THE VIRGIN OF GUADALUPE, has been Canonized as an ETHICIAN SAINT.

The decision was made by ETHICIUS I on the first day of the official start of the Ethician Christmas celebration (see
WWW.JESUSBIRTHDAY.ORG). On the morning of December 12, 2001, The Houston Chronicle was brought to ETHICIUS I as he rested and contemplated the beginning of the Holy Season.

On page 26A he was drawn to a story entitled "A National Faith", with the sub-head, "Virgin of Guadalupe has a special place in Mexico". When he examined the photograph depicting the Virgin of Guadalupe, he immediately sensed that he had seen the face before. After dressing he hurried to his offices and immediately went to the internet to search for other images of the Virgin.

A brilliant light flashed into his consciousness and he recalled his vision of an "Oriental Madonna in the Clouds" (see
WWW.CATHEDRALTALES.ORG Sept 23, 2001). Reviewing his experience that Sunday evening, Ethicius immediately knew that he had seen the Virgin of Guadalupe with the face of a beautiful Aztec Princess which he had confused with features which could easily be considered oriental.

Ethicius I was slightly familiar with the encounter of Juan Diego with the Virgin of Guadalupe and knew that she was extremely revered by the people of Spanish Mexico of which Texas had been a part when the Holy Trinity River was named by Spanish explorers.

Further research revealed that Santa Maria de Guadeloupe was very much concerned with God's wonderful Creation and in speaking to Juan Diego (now Ethician Saint Juan Diego), she said, "My dear little son I love you. I desire you to know who I am. I am the ever-virgin Mary, Mother of the true God who gives life and maintains its existence. HE CREATED ALL THINGS. HE IS IN ALL PLACES. HE IS LORD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH."

When he read those words he instantly knew that he had indeed been visited by The Virgin of Guadalupe, after Sunday services at THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL on September 23, 2001. All of the pieces of the puzzle now fit. The mystery of the "Oriental Madonna" had been solved. He could feel the spirit of the Virgin and knew that Juan Diego was indeed a true Saint.

In recognition of the Canonization of Saint Juan Diego by The Universal Ethician Church, ten beautiful park-like acres of God's Creation near the spot of Ethicius' encounter with the "Virgin in the Clouds" have been pledged to the Church on which an Interfaith Chapel is to be built along with a shrine dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe.

A pilgrimage to "Martyrs Point" on "The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral" grounds will take place on Sunday, January 6, 2002 beginning at 3 P.M. rain or shine. At 15 minutes before sunset a special service and silent prayer and meditation vigil dedicated to Saint Juan Diego and The Virgin of Guadalupe will be held. For directions and additional information about the Cathedral, visit

St. Noah is the Patron Saint of The Universal Ethician Church, for it was he who honored God's command to save all creatures both great and small.

The Universal Ethician Church is an interfaith-ecumenical movement dedicated to world peace and protection of God's Creation. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Jews, Buddhists and adherents of all of the world's religions are invited to join us in building a better world in the name of the one and only God of the Universe.

To find out more about THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH and to help in our mission visit


The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral is, according to Ethicius I, Prelate, The Universal Ethician Church, the world’s largest cathedral.

Although the wonderful human constructed Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City is reported to be America’s largest, covering an area equivalent to two football fields, The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral covers an area equivalent to 693 football fields.

“Having visited many of the great cathedrals of the world, I can say without a doubt, that the most marvelous of all is the cathedral which was built by God over the course of millions of years”, stated a recent visitor from Maryland who had come to attend worship services last Sunday. 

The cathedral is considered a living Ark and testimony to God’s creative talents. Home to hundreds of species of rare wild flowers, butterflies, birds, and even micro-organisms, The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral is a repository of rare treasures which have survived the ravages of modern civilization and the wholesale destruction of Creation.

The cathedral itself is located on the shores of Lake Livingston in East Texas. It covers a total of 716 acres of forests and prairies. Services are held each Sunday evening beginning 15 minutes before sunset and ending 15 minutes after. “This is the moment in the day when God often paints brilliant, ever-changing designs in the clouds, using the entire sky as His canvas”, exclaimed another visitor.

The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral is in the process of being nominated for inclusion in The Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest God-made cathedral. Ethicius I challenges churches around, what he calls, Planet Eden to beat this record. “I would certainly be thankful and delighted if in the future our wilderness cathedral was considered one of the worlds’ smallest”, he said.

According to The Universal Ethician Church, God’s Planet Eden is doomed unless wilderness cathedrals preserving and protecting millions of acres of Creation around the world are established within the next few years.

For more information about The Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral visit the following web sites:


A conservation easement for the establishment of the Marjorie H. Russell and Kenneth L. Russell Alligator Preserve has been donated to Natural Area Preservation Association, a Texas Land Trust.

The new preserve surrounds marshes and swamplands belonging to The Trinity River Authority on Lake Livingston in East Texas, were a few alligators have managed to survive in spite of wholesale commercial poaching which has decimated their numbers in recent years.

“Alligators are beautiful examples of God’s handiwork which have survived for millions of years”, stated Mrs. Russell. “Until the last year or two, huge alligators in excess of twelve feet in length would amuse us as they stalked their prey or just soaked in the warm rays of the sun”, she continued.

One alligator near the preserve was reported to have a fondness for Rod Stewart music and would come to listen when Stewart’s songs were played by visitors to the area. Baby gators would chirp like little puppies, calling for their mother at the approach of humans.

One by one the alligators were killed. Their lifeless torsos would float to shore, missing both heads and skins which are valuable in the clandestine market for alligator parts which apparently flourishes unhampered in Texas.

Dr. Russell stated that both the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and Texas Parks and Wildlife have been very cooperative in attempting to stem the poaching but because of the remoteness of the area and the huge territories which have to be covered by the local game wardens, poaching still continues. The Russell family has offered a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of alligator poachers near the new preserve.

The Russell’s, have in addition, donated an adjacent conservation easement establishing the Marjorie H. and Kenneth L. Russell Research Natural Area on a 200 acre tract of rare hardwood/pine upland forest. Dr. Russell, Professor Emeritus, Sam Houston State University is particularly anxious for environmental science students and their professors to conduct scientific studies on the preserve in order to better understand the bio-complexity of old-growth forest ecosystems.

Both preserves are a part of a larger conservation area known as The Great Spirit Wilderness and the adjacent Holy Trinity Wilderness Cathedral managed by The Universal Ethician Church.

Scientists, teachers and students wishing to visit the two new preserves may make arrangements by calling Educational Video Network at 936-295-5767 and asking to speak with George H. Russell, steward.

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