One of God’s greatest gifts to the human children was the ‘freedom to choose’. We have the freedom to choose an ethical course of actions, which would please God, or the freedom to choose an unethical path which would displease God.

Russell Ministries and The Universal Ethician Church believe that God has given us not only the ‘freedom to choose’ but the intellectual capacity of define right from wrong. (see RUSSELLMINISTRIES.ORG)

We believe that our choices can and should be guided by “The Golden Rule of The New Millennium” as would be the desire of the ‘God of Love’. (see GOLDENRULEMINISTRIES.ORG)

Following are a few of the inalienable rights to choose which ‘The Universal Ethician Church’ believes meets the ethical standards of a loving God: (see UNIVERSALETHICIANCHURCH.ORG)

1. Woman have the God given freedom to choose whether or not to bring a child into this world. This choice should be based upon a deep relationship with God accompanied by prayer and soul-searching. (see ABORTIONBUSTERS.ORG)

2. All people have the God given freedom to choose where and how to worship God as long as that worship respects the rights of others.

3. All humans have the God given freedom to choose the time, place, and method of their own departures to eternity so long as those departures takes into consideration the feelings of others.

4. Every citizen of Planet Eden has the God given freedom to choose their own sexual orientation as long as it involves either themselves alone or other consenting adults in an atmosphere of love and caring. (see CONSENTINGADULTS.ORG)

5. All of God’s children have the freedom to choose their own destinies, relationships, life-styles, dress codes, career paths, goals, and any and all other choices in their lives so long as those choices are based upon the Golden Rule of the New Millennium.

When God’s human children misuse their ‘freedom to choose’ and take an unethical path, then they must suffer the consequences for their evil or unethical choices.

For Ethician guidance in making your choices in life please visit the over 200 web-sites of Russell Ministries at SALVATIONNETWORK.ORG.

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