Each of the world’s great religious and spiritual traditions have a concept of eternity, the hereafter, and the cycle of life.

Regardless of our faith or faith tradition, humans have been endowed with an intellectual capacity that allows us to make choices about our actions and behavior. In other words, unless under some form of physical restraint or cultural constraint, we are FREE TO CHOOSE the direction of our own destinies.

We are all FREE TO CHOOSE the path leading to eternal union with God in Creation or the path leading to eternal oblivion.

Every day we are met with choices and must make decisions that are moral and ethical or immoral and unethical. Far too often humans take the unethical route because of greed, lust, hubris, and sometimes, simple ignorance.

No one forces these negative choices in life. We are all FREE TO CHOOSE the ethical course of action, but all too frequently we choose the negative path.

Let us reflect on our ultimate destinies and the destiny of Planet Eden and her inhabitants in our choices in life. Let us utilize our freedom of choice to make the world a better place and to honor God by protecting and defending all Creation from harm.

Yes, we are FREE TO CHOOSE, and thus we have no excuse for choosing the path leading to eternal oblivion. Those who do will have chosen their own eternal damnation.


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