“Genuine Conservatives” are often called ‘liberals’ by the majority of citizens who, in their ignorance believe themselves to be, and call themselves ‘conservatives’.

In actual fact, far too many of these misled citizens are actually ‘corporate socialists’, extreme right-wing enemies of freedom and liberty, and stock-holders in international mega-corporations which are taking us toward one-world corporate controlled government.

Who are the ‘genuine conservatives’ and how does one recognize them?


1. …believe that for America to remain strong we must protect, conserve, and preserve our forests, top soil, air quality, and water purity.

2. …believe that ‘free enterprise’ and ‘capitalism’ must be based on ethics and ‘the golden-rule of the new millennium’.

3. …believe that ‘the right to bear arms’ for America’s defense against tyranny and terrorism are essential to the preservation of a free society.

4. …believe that urban sprawl will ultimately cause us to become energy dependent on foreign powers.

5. …believe that government should play no role in a woman’s right to choose whether or not to bear a child.

6. …believe in a firm separation of church and state.

7. …believe that every child should have the right to a quality public education in a pleasant and safe environment with access to natural light and the natural world.

8. …believe that we must stop wasting our precious resources and keep America beautiful and strong for future generations.

9. …believe that our ‘Bill of Rights’, constitutional freedoms, and human rights must be protected at all costs.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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