God Created Science

God blessed the human species with amazing intellectual capacities. We were given the ability to observe, study and carry out experiments in order to gain a better understanding of our environment, our future, and ourselves.

As our intellectual capacities were God given, we have an obligation to use science for the betterment of ourselves and the intricate web of life that supports us.

Tragically, science has too often been used to create weapons of mass destruction, chemicals to poison our environment and more efficient ways of plundering the Earth.

Scientists everywhere must unite in a common cause of focusing on the use of God's gift of intellect for the protection and preservation of all species including our own.

We must not allow ourselves to be misused by either corporations or governments to make an unethical profit or subjugate citizens at the expense of the future of humankind and our fellow species on what is left of Planet Eden.

Scientists everywhere must develop the moral fortitude to speak out when science is misappropriated to accomplish destructive activities.

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