Our world has been overrun with “God Killers”. God is being killed in many ways.

His spirit is being killed by the “Satan Virus”, which has infected the hearts and souls of millions of His human children.

Those humans in turn infect and kill the spirit of God that naturally resides in the hearts and souls of each child born into this world.

Children have a natural love for Creation and all of its wonders. They love little furry animals and great tall trees. They love the beauty of wildflowers and marvel at an eagle in flight. They romp and play and hug one another. They are a part of nature and a part of God for they begin their lives as He created them—their hearts filled with love and caring.

Eventually the light and love as reflected in the wide eyes of little children grows dim as the “God Killers” in the form of abusive parents, scream at them, belittle them, and make their lives hell on earth. They are further abused in an educational system that turns them into automatons in warehouse schools with windowless classrooms. They learn to hate, to fight, to kill, to abuse each other and their own bodies and minds with junk food and drugs. By the time they are teenagers, the “God Killers” will have finally destroyed the last vestige of God in their hearts.

Children are not the only victims of the “God Killers”. God lives in all Creation and the “God Killers” are killing God by destroying His spirit as it resides in all creatures great and small and even in the tiniest flower.


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