God laughs when He (or She if you prefer)—

1. Sees two puppies romping and playing together.

2. Sees a baby take its first step to the laughter and clapping of its parents.

3. Sees a great whale leaping out of the water for amusement.

4. Sees three silly squirrels chase each other up and down a tree for sport.

5. Sees parents teaching their children to respect and care for Creation.

6. Sees a little child gently scold a tortoise for crossing the road and taking it to safety on the other side.

God cries at bullfights, when He sees a clear-cut forest, when He sees animals tortured in factory farms, when He sees an abused child, and when He sees cruelty in any form.

Please lead your life in such a way that you cause God to smile and laugh, rather than cry.


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