When God created the heavens and the earth and all that abound therein He revealed His love of beauty through His grand design.

When we look into the heavens at night, standing in awe at the twinkling magnificence of the Universe we know that God loves beauty. When we watch the fluttering butterfly as it pauses to alight on a wildflower we know that God loves beauty. When we delight in the smile on a child's face we know that God loves beauty. When we lie on our backs in the forest and look into the branches of a towering oak we know that God loves beauty.

Take a moment to reflect on the beauty which surrounds us in the natural world with which we have been blessed: The moon, the stars, the sun, the clouds, the trees, the birds, the flowers, the grass, the ocean. The list is infinite for God has created a Universe of infinite beauty.

Tragically, greed and ignorance are plundering and destroying the beautiful world given to us by God to protect and preserve for all generations. In the beginning, God was worshipped at altars erected in places of great beauty in tabernacles of nature and wilderness cathedrals. Today, people proclaiming to love God defile His great works to build ugly houses of worship. Oftentimes wonderful and rare remnants of Eden are scraped bare by bulldozers in order to erect tacky churches with vast expanses of concrete. How sad that must God make when He looks down and sees the great beauty of His Creation defiled.

Please help protect the beauty of Creation. Please demand that your tithes and offerings at your house of worship not be used to make God cry. In those unfortunate cases where disrespectful people before you have plundered the beauty of nature to build an ugly church or temple, please insist that part of your contribution be used to restore that which was destroyed. God will smile upon you for blessing Him by respecting His great gift of beauty.

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