Even before God created bees or butterflies or fish or birds or humans He created wildflowers for his great architectural plan for Planet Eden was of a home for all of His children where they would be surrounded by beauty.

What fun God must have had in planning the wonderful color combinations and heavenly scents of His wildflower gallery. In the great plains of the Earth carpets of bright colors covered millions upon millions of acres. In the rain forests millions of orchids dripped from the branches of mighty trees.

Human greed is destroying the wonderful tapestry of life which God gave for all generations to enjoy. The plains have been plowed under, the rain forests shredded and burned and much of the Earth paved over to enrich the greedy and impoverish the Creation.

Stop now before it is too late!!! Repent and change your ways!!! Without wildflowers the planet is doomed. Our collective ignorance, greed, and lack of stewardship are leading our planet, and us along with it, down the path of destruction. We must all rise up as descendants of Noah, and as servants and stewards of God and Creation, to stop the senseless plunder of Planet Eden.

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