God must be angry when He sees His children-

1. Desecrating His Creation

2. Clearcutting His forests

3. Killing His whales

4. Abusing His animal children

5. Squabbling over religious dogma

6. Mistreating women

7. Worshiping money instead of Him

8. Abusing children by forcing them into huge impersonal windowless schools without access to God's natural world

9. Denying women access to family planning

10. Plundering His oceans

11. Polluting His life-giving air and water

12. Denying any of His children, both human and animal, the fundamental right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Please don't make God angry. Try to make Him happy and proud.

If every one of God's children would live by the Golden Rule of the New Millennium, God would smile down upon us and be glad.


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