The proliferation of golf courses all over America and the attendant wholesale application of dangerous pesticides is responsible for increased exposure to toxic and deadly chemicals by millions of Americans and America’s beautiful birds and other wildlife.

The more perfect in appearance the golf course, the more likely it is to have been saturated with xylene, bensulide, trichorfon, isofenphos, ethylene dibromide, pentachlorophenol, 2,4-D, benomyl, diazinon, thiram, iprodione, chlorothalonil, and who knows how many other poisonous chemicals.

One of the few courses that is not in a dead heat to kill every wildflower and native plant is the St. Andrew’s course in Scotland, where the game originated before it became the vogue to create toxic perfection.

In America GOLF KILLS hundreds of golfers and thousands of birds every year. Very seldom however is the premature death of a golfer traced back to pesticide exposure and thus these “Killer Courses” continue spreading thousands of tons of deadly chemicals that cause cancer, multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, and premature heart attacks.

Those in gravest danger of suffering serious health problems or even death from repeated exposure are those persons who spend the most time being exposed to the toxic chemicals on these killer courses.  These include golf course superintendents, pesticide applicators, golf pros, and golf teachers.

If America is to survive long-term we must stop destroying the health of our citizens and killing our wildlife with the unnecessary use and abuse of dangerous poisons. Golf should be a game in which we are only exposed to fresh air, the beauties of nature, the songs of birds, and a little healthy exercise. Today however GOLF KILLS.

We must band together and outlaw the poisoning of America and her citizens, both human and animal, not only on these deadly courses but in our schools, homes, and lawns as well.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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