Many Christians believe that Man was created in the image of God and that is good. Many people believe that God is a female and that is good. Others believe that God is an amorphous spirit without shape or form and that is good. Some believe that the omnipotent spirit of God may assume any form at will while still others believe that the face of God is to be seen in the sun, the moon, the stars, the birds, the trees and every part of Creation and that is good.

Whether God is He or She or Spirit makes absolutely no difference at all for God is God and as long as we give thanks to God for the blessings bestowed upon us and all other living things, God is happy.

Traditionally God is referred to as 'God the Father' or 'He' and in many Ethician messages God is referred to as 'He' with the understanding that it is up to God to determine the nature of God. Ethicians believe that God is satisfied with being called by any name or believed to be of any sex or no sex at all so long as there is love and respect in the heart of the worshipper.

Therefore, please feel free to substitute She for He or use any other respectful designation for God in any of the writings of Ethicius.

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