God has blessed many humans with great intellectual assets which He wished to be used to create a better world.

Tragically millions of the most genetically intelligent humans have been infected with the Satan Virus and have become intellectual whores.

These lawyers, scientists, professors, doctors, inventors, and other humans of great intellect, far too often, sell their minds and creative abilities, to the forces of evil.

Following are a few examples of intellectual whores and the ways that they have sold their souls to Satan and evil endeavors:

1. The brilliant Yale educated ecologist who, rather than promoting sustainable forestry, takes a job with a major multi-national clear-cutting empire and plans the destruction of a thousand square miles of the Amazon.

2. The Harvard educated M.D., who, rather than working toward the prevention of cancer, takes a job with a huge chemical manufacturer, and promotes the sale and use of cancer causing chemicals as safe.

3. The child prodigy, who at 16 graduates from Cal Tech and then goes to work for the military industrial complex designing ever more hideous forms of chemical and biological warfare.

4. The genius legal mind, with a Doctor of Jurisprudence Suma Cum Laude Degree, from the University of Chicago who becomes a Federal Judge who bends the law to protect the destructive interests of strip miners and chip mill operators.

5. The intellectually astute manipulator who shoves his way to political power so that he can undermine through treasonous decree the very fundamentals of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Ethicians have a moral obligation to rebuke these sinners and expose their evil and Satan inspired deeds. These pathetic wayward souls must be led back to the paths of righteousness and to use their great minds to do the work of God rather than remain as INTELLECTUAL WHORES, doing the work of Satan.


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