Not long ago I was working on a new trail which leads from the water’s edge to the ancient Native American altar at THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL.

As I neared the crest of the hill I looked down toward the water and there was the most beautiful ancient American Holly with three trunks. The three trunks, with the Trinity River channel in the background reminded me of not only the Holy Trinity but the three crosses at Golgatha.

I descended the hill to the three trunks and was amazed at the beauty of the tree. Multi-colored lichens gave the ancient trunks an aura of the beauty of raku pottery. At intervals up and down the trunks there appeared to be eyes which seemed as if they were the eyes of God.

I named the tree the "Jesus Tree". It was not the first tree with three trunks that I had seen and which had made me think of the three crosses at Golgatha, but this was the first one that seemed to speak to me.

There are many "Jesus Trees" which survive on Planet Eden. THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH would very much appreciate it if your would search for those special trees and send us photographs which we can display on this web site.

Following are a few photos of JESUS TREES on the grounds of THE HOLY TRINITY WILDERNESS CATHEDRAL that inspired this web site:


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