Christians sometimes seem to forget that JESUS WAS JEWISH. Not only was he a Jew but he was a very good and concerned Jew who wished to reform the hypocrites that were dominating Jewish life in his day.

Jesus worked extra hard at attempting to bring his people back to the ethical traditions that were the foundations of the Jewish faith. The men in power were not happy with his reform efforts, which threatened their power and thus were largely responsible for the Crucifixion.

While Jesus was living, his followers lived by his example and thus might be called reformed Jews, who after his death became the first Christians. Many of these early Christians were dedicated to following the example of Jesus but over time they too fell into actions and activities that Jesus would not have approved of.

By the seventh century after Jesus’ birth, Muhammad was, like Jesus had been, quite disgusted with Jewish hypocrisy and in addition, Christian hypocrisy, and began a new reform movement that resulted in the rise of Islam.

Today, some Muslims, in defiance of the peaceful teachings of Muhammad, have become hypocrites who promote war and terrorism, just as hypocritical Christians promote war and terrorism, and just as hypocritical Jews promote war and terrorism.

Yes, JESUS WAS JEWISH, who wished to bring his faith back to its moral, ethical and fundamental roots and it seems that history would confirm that Muhammad was a product of both Jewish and Christian spiritual traditions who wished only to bring those faiths back to their moral, and ethical roots.


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