Our biosphere is a unique and fragile gift from God, without which no human can survive. Today, as never before, greed and moral corruption, on the part of Planet Earth's political and corporate leaders are killing the planet.

These "Planet Killers" have already been responsible for the pillaging and wasteful abuse of once bountiful resources that God provided to sustain all generations. Floods, wildfires, drought, desertification, overpopulation, extinctions, strife, pestilence-all are the result of actions by the Planet Killers who rule the world.

Those of us who respect God and Creation must rise up as an Army of Compassion and to reform the "Planet Killers" by presenting a message of love, sharing, concern, giving, peace, and most importantly in this age, stewardship of that which God has provided us in the form of pure water, clean air, natural forests, and the myriad plant and animal species which make up the beautiful tapestry of life which sustains us all.

Many of these "Planet Killers" attend houses of worship and purport to be good Christians, Moslems, Jews, Hindus, or Buddhists. Tragically they have traded respect for the God of Creation for the God of Money. Our world's religious leaders have a difficult but essential task ahead of them. They must use their pulpits to transform the "Planet Killers" in their congregations into stewards and protectors of Planet Eden.

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