Children no longer grow up with the milky way and a million twinkling stars brilliantly shining overhead. They grow up with a plastic celestial globe to look at.

Children no longer grow up watching a thousand butterflies flit from flower to flower.

They grow up with plastic butterfly decals stuck on the walls of their bedrooms.

Children no longer grow up taking care of free-range chickens and the family milk cow. They grow up with plastic play farms with plastic farm animals.

Children no longer grow up eating three wholesome home cooked meals a day on real dishes. They grow up eating off of plastic plates with plastic spoons, forks, and knives.

Children no longer grow up drinking from real glass returnable bottles. They grow up sucking artificial soft-drinks out of plastic bottles using plastic straws.

Children no longer grow up going to school in classrooms with large windows where they can see the real world. They spend their days in windowless, prison-like classrooms surrounded by plastic posters with pictures of clouds, trees, and animals printed on them.

Yes, America is being sucked dry of Her petroleum resources which will be needed by future generations for their very survival to create a plastic and artificial America.

We are in the process of exchanging ‘America the Beautiful’ for a sterile, lifeless ‘Plastic America’.

We must stop the destruction of both America and the quality of the lives of our children.

They deserve to experience a real America with living rivers, trees, butterflies, wildlife, clouds and sky.

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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