Every day millions of unsuspecting people are praising Satan by their actions. They are doing the very things which make Satan drool with happiness. They have foolishly become soldiers is Satan’s Army of Destruction.

Following are a few of the activities conducted by persons who stupidly and unwittingly praise Satan by acting on his behalf:

1. Work in any capacity on behalf of the death penalty.

2. Work in any factory farming industry which brings misery into the lives of any of God’s cattle, pigs, chickens or any other animal raised under inhumane conditions.

3. Work for any timber industry that clear-cuts God’s forests or processes trees from His ancient forests.

4. Works in any industry which manufactures unnecessary herbicides, pesticides, and any non-essential carcinogenic or mutagenic chemical.

5. Invests in stocks in any company which participates in any activity which hastens the destruction of God’s life-giving biosphere.

6. Works in any capacity for any corporation or government agency which is engaged in building unnecessary dams, channelizing streams, producing unsafe nuclear waste, or participating in urban sprawl.

When people justify their jobs working toward the ultimate destruction of the life-support systems provided to us by God, then Satan is glorified, for in the destruction of the world, so loved by God, is the building of the kingdom of Satan.

Do not find yourself praising and glorifying Satan by falling into his snare. Praise God by honoring His great and magnificent gift of all life on Planet Eden.


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