Our souls need spiritual nourishment, just as our bodies need the nourishment derived from food. There are many ways to renew the soul including prayer, meditation, reading inspirational books, singing praises to God, and helping the less fortunate.

Many people, following the example of Jesus, find that their souls need the peace and solitude of God's Creation for renewal. When Jesus was troubled or felt the need to communicate with His Father, he went into the wilderness to pray. The songs of the birds, the murmur of the wind in the trees, the fragrance of the wildflowers, and the purity of the air and spring waters renewed Jesus' soul, for the spirit of God is in His Creation.

God's wildernesses are being plundered and destroyed throughout the world. The love and worship of money is transforming Planet Eden into a barren wasteland. Stewardship has been replaced by corporate and individual greed, which is killing Creation and destroying the very places essential for the renewal of our souls.

Renew your soul today through prayer, song, meditation and communing with the spirit of God in the natural world.

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