There is a terrible virus which has infected many of our corporate leaders, our politicians, our judges, and far too many common people who wish to be like the powerful.

The Satan Virus instills greed, arrogance, hatred, bigotry, dishonesty, and power lust in the hearts and souls of those infected.

The Satan Virus attacks and destroys honesty, integrity, caring, love, sacrifice, ethics and other human virtues which were instilled in our hearts by God.

Once the Satan Virus has entered and infected a human soul it is very difficult to cure because the infected ones become blind to their corrupt ways and deny that they are doing Satan’s will rather than God’s.

Avoid infection at all costs by never wavering from the straight and narrow path laid before you by God, Jesus, Moses, Noah, Mohammed, Buddha and other great spiritual leaders. 

Bathe your heart and soul in the love of God each morning upon awakening, at noon, and at night before retiring. With each action and with each decision in your life ask yourself if your decision would make God happy.

Help those who have been infected with The Satan Virus resist its spread. Help them see the error of their ways. Be a guiding light and example and do not be afraid to rebuke them both in private and before their peers.

Satan and the Satan Virus can be defeated, but only if you are willing to stand up against the forces of evil which are ready to infect your soul and if you are willing to stand with God against the evil actions of those persons who have been infected.

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