The Patriot Network and The Universal Ethician Church believe that our educational system in America is terminally ill and in urgent need of reformation.

Many of the greatest leaders of America were products of ONE ROOM SCHOOLS or small neighborhood schools. We believe that it should be possible for every child to be able to walk or bike to school from their homes and thus be able to participate in activities that keep children healthy, happy, and an integral part of their families.

Today our schools have become “consolidated” virtual warehouses with hundreds and sometimes even thousands of nameless faces, housed in an institutional environment not unlike that found in prisons.

Windowless classrooms, a toxic environment, and over-crowded conditions lead to neurosis, psychosis, drug addiction, violence, attention deficit disorder, and even criminal behavior. (www.childabusers.org)

Huge consolidated schools require that children are forced to spend much of their lives in school buses. In Winter, thousands of children must leave home before dawn and return to their homes after dark.

In the meantime they are victims of a terrible form of child abuse by being forced into toxic, windowless schools where they are housed as virtual prisoners without access to natural sunlight, a glimpse of the sky or a cloud or a bird, and forced to endure hours of rote memorization of test questions rather than learning to think, learn, and be creative.

Creating a generation of non-creative, non-thinking automatons may eventually cause America to lose its position of leadership in invention, creativity, and technological leadership. A generation of test-takers can never take the place of a generation of innovative and creative thinkers.

THE UNIVERSAL ETHICIAN CHURCH and THE PATRIOT NETWORK wish to create a non-toxic learning environment where children are the most important part of a revolutionary educational system that is actually a return to the small, personal, and loving learning environments of 19th century and the first of the 20th century in America.

Professor of Education, Emeritus, Dr. Kenneth L. Russell and wife Marjorie H. Russell have set aside a beautiful wooded 10 acre tract in Waterwood, Texas to serve as the site for a SCHOLASTIC VILLAGE, which will serve as a template for a return to a more humane and yet intellectually stimulating educational system.

Each classroom will be in a separate small building set amongst the trees. Each building will be connected with paved walkways and each will be connected to common eating and meeting buildings.

The 10 acre tract is adjacent to a 131 acre Texas State Archaeological Landmark which also serves as the Westernmost Longleaf Pine Sanctuary. A Texas Parks and Wildlife Prairie and Piney Woods Trail system will allow the children to learn first-hand about Zoology, Archaeology, Biology, Geology, Geography, and Aesthetics, rather than be forced to watch television in darkened windowless classrooms.

Children will learn respect for God’s marvelous tapestry of Creation and thus become leaders in preserving and protecting the life support systems of Planet Eden that keep us, and all other species, alive and well, for now and for future generations.

Each classroom building will have its own restroom facilities, science laboratory, library, and high-tech internet connections to the outside world.

During much of the year no artificial lighting, heating, or cooling will be necessary as skylights and large windows that can be opened or closed according to the weather will give the children the feeling of being out of doors.

We believe that children who attend classes in THE SCHOLASTIC VILLAGE will not be prescribed drugs to keep them under control as they will not be subjected to the toxic environment of our dangerous and cruel modern consolidated windowless warehouse schools.

TRAGICALLY, Sam Houston Electric Cooperative (SHECO) is obsessed with destroying a large portion of our school site and running a highly dangerous 138 kv transmission line along 660’ of the site making it unsafe for school children.

EMF radiation levels of up to 34 milligauss have been measured under a recently completed SHECO line. Scientists and medical professionals around the world have concluded that there is a measurable statistical increase in childhood leukemia, brain tumors, serious depression and other dangerous and even fatal diseases associated with chronic exposure to only 4 milligauss.

SHECO’s action will create an environment which will destroy our dreams of a SCHOLASTIC VILLAGE as we can in no way rationalize creating a learning environment where children would be exposed to cancer causing EMF radiation.

SHECO must be stopped!!! We call upon educators, religious leaders, and all Americans to help us stop SHECO from destroying the possibility of building our SCHOLASTIC VILLAGE.

If you wish to join us in our efforts to stop SHECO please e-mail us at info@scholasticvillage.org .

George H. Russell, Bishop

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