The government of The United States of America is subsidizing the eventual death of America as a viable nation. SUBSIDIZED DEATH is the name of the game in the political whorehouses of Washington D. C.

Our lawmakers put their integrity on the auction block and sell their souls to the MERCHANTS OF DEATH. They subsidize pollution, cancer, obesity, waste, and the desecration of ‘America the Beautiful’ and the health and welfare of her citizens.

“How is this so?” you might ask. “Aren’t our Representatives in Washington to protect us from harm?” “Don’t they give food stamps so that children may eat?” “And what about the poor farm families that are helped?” 

Tragically, far too many of our hard-earned tax dollars are used to subsidize the businesses and corporations that are destroying the foundations upon which the strength of our great country depends. 

Following are just a few examples of SUBSIDIZED DEATH as designed by the ‘Corporate Socialists’ in Congress:

1. FOOD STAMPS: Food stamps subsidize the junk food and packaging industry. Rather than providing wholesome fruits, vegetables, grain and milk products for growing bodies, food stamps provide the kinds of junk food that eventually lead to obesity, disease and premature death. The packaging leads to the destruction of forests, water quality, wildlife, and petroleum resources.

2. FACTORY FARMS: Subsidies to mega-factory farms lead to the torture and abuse of millions of animals. In addition it leads to an over-consumption of meat products which is a major cause of diseases that lead to thousands of premature deaths each year.

3. CATTLE RANCHES: America has already suffered great damage to our forests and prairies in order to grow too many cows at the expense of native wildlife. Overpopulation of domestic livestock has lead to massive destruction of top soil, rare plant communities, and water quality. The junk food industry thrives on cheap beef that is consumed by millions of children a day at the expense of their health, leading to premature death for many.

4. TIMBER BEASTS: Huge timber and paper companies are subsidized by our Congress to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year. That sum does not include the billions of dollars of damage to our National Forests and the resulting siltation of our streams, the wholesale killing of millions of animals, landslides, floods, forest fires, and other subsidized destruction.

5. CANCER STICKS: Subsidizing tobacco farms helps the tobacco industry continue to create nicotine junkies out of millions of Americans, many of whom will die from lung cancer and other smoking induced illnesses.

6. CHEMICAL COMPANIES: By subsidizing huge agri-businesses that produce monoculture crops dependent on being saturated with dangerous pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides, our Congress is subsidizing the poisoning of our water, our air, and our citizens, many of whom will die from horrible diseases caused by the mindless wholesale application of these destructive chemical agents.

This SUBSIDIZED DEATH and destruction of ‘America the Beautiful’, her lands, her waters, her air, her forests, and the health and welfare of her citizens must cease if we are going to be able to remain strong and free. What is it that causes otherwise good women and men, who start their political careers dedicated to the good of our country to eventually sell their souls for money and votes?

This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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