Taliban terror is not new. There have been Taliban-like terrorists on our planet for thousands of years. The history of terrorism is long and sordid and Taliban terror is just one more chapter.

All of the world’s ethical citizens must gather together to erase all forms of terrorism from our lives. The evil men of the Taliban must be stopped. They must be brought to justice and isolated from the civilized world, and taught to live peaceful and ethical lives.. Then we must work toward helping the citizens of the world establish  and build governments based on democratic freedoms such as those we have enjoyed in America for the last 200 years.

We must free the women of the world from the terror which they must often endure in their daily lives.

We must free the children of the world to develop ethical and intellectual skills which will allow them to take the torch of freedom when we pass to the great beyond.

We must free God’s animal families to live their lives in peace and harmony as God intended.

We must free our water, our air, our forests and the very life-support systems on Planet Eden from the terror of human-caused destruction.

We must bring peace and love and kindness, and harmony to all the Earth and in so doing we will destroy the forces of evil which is the foundation for terrorism.

Neither Taliban terror, nor any other form of terror, should be allowed to create a specter of fear in the lives of either God’s human or animal children.


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