When God finished weaving His TAPESTRY OF LIFE He looked down and was pleased.

Never before had He created such a beautiful and marvelous mosaic designed by weaving together into a delicate and intricate web, each of the millions of species which gave His tapestry its essence, its ever changing beauty, and its sacred nature.

Tragically, His crowning achievement, the very species which God created to be the protective stewards of His tapestry which He called His "Precious Web of Life", is the very species which is destroying His amazing and irreplaceable tapestry.

Today, when God looks down on the tattered remnants of the original beauty and wonder of Planet Eden, He is greatly saddened, for His human family, instead of protecting and defending His TAPESTRY OF LIFE, have spent their energy burning, bulldozing, drilling into, blowing up, clear-cutting, and defiling all that God had created for the perpetual benefit of His human children.

God cries when He sees His human children chainsaw His glorious redwoods, harpoon His magnificent whales, poison His pure waters, pollute His fresh air, and commit wholesale gene-o-cide and other heinous crimes against His goodness and generosity.

God becomes angry when He watches many of the very humans He had the most faith in, attending churches in their finery, pretending to love Him, and then returning to their lustful pursuit of money derived from butchering His TAPESTRY OF LIFE.

Repent now, before it is too late. If you are guilty of tearing asunder even one thread of God's tapestry you may find that you will be "left behind" when Jesus returns in all His glory for as it is written, "Those who destroy the earth shall also be destroyed". (Revelation: 11:18)
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