We all have TOO MUCH STUFF!!! Do our children really need closests full of designer clothes? Do we need three vehicles when we only drive one at a time? Do we need every game and gadget on the market just because the neighbors have one? 

Americans are the most wasteful people to have ever inhabited the planet. We are the most materialistic, the most arrogantly greedy, and thus the most foolishly stupid when it comes to thinking about the future of Planet Eden and its sustainable ability to provide a quality environment for human and other forms of life in God’s gift of Creation.

Thousands of acres of God’s beautiful forests have been bulldozed to build mini-warehouses to store our overabundance of TOO MUCH STUFF. Our attics and garages are overflowing with TOO MUCH STUFF. Our self-serving political leaders cry for us to purchase even more useless junk and temporal goods, which have been produced from the lifeblood of Planet Eden.

Buy, buy, buy, buy more and more worthless junk and other stuff. “Stuff your stockings to honor the birth of baby Jesus” we are told. “Jesus won’t be happy unless you make the merchants rich and thus the economy strong” we are advised. I guess I was misinformed in Sunday School because my teachers led me to believe that Jesus was not particularly happy with the rich and greedy of His time nor of the money changers before the Temple.

Stuff your face with junk food and grow fat and lazy so that you can become a couch potato!!!

Stuff is what? And stuff is why?

Most of the stuff which quickly winds up in landfills is plastic junk which newspaper ads, television ads, billboards, radio ads, and even our own political whores encourage us to buy. The ‘why’ of stuff is to line the pockets of the multi-national corporations which have an obligation to their stock holders to show ever growing profits regardless of the ethics or the consequences to the future of America or the entire planet.

Even our preachers, priests, pastors, deacons, theologians, rabbis etc. fill their own homes with TOO MUCH STUFF and thus set a pitiful example as to what God would wish.

The TOO MUCH STUFF with which we encumber our lives comes from our few remaining ancient forests, from the disappearing fossil fuels which our grandchildren will need to warm themselves, and from other resources which God placed upon Planet Eden to last for all generations.

Our greed-lust for TOO MUCH STUFF is depriving future generations and the poor of our present world or food, hope, and the possibility of quality lives.

Our greed-lust for TOO MUCH STUFF is evil and only serves the nefarious interests of Satan.

Give your overabundance to the poor.

Quit buying junk which you do not need to sustain your lives in a positive way.

Purchase nothing which has been produced from the blood of Planet Eden.

Make your lives simple and meaningful by ridding yourselves and your lives of TOO MUCH STUFF!!!


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