When we think of TORTURE CHAMBERS we think of the Inquisition and Medieval dungeons. We seldom stop to think that millions of human beings and millions of God’s animal children are condemned to a living hell in modern torture chambers.

Following are few examples of the TORTURE CHAMBERS of the 21st Century:

1. The ‘Super-Max’ prisons of the prison-industrial complex are TORTURE CHAMBERS designed by evil and greedy humans who profit from depriving their fellow humans of even the most basic rudiments of life necessary to preserve one’s sanity.

2. The windowless warehouses, called modern schools, are TORTURE CHAMBERS where hundreds of thousands of brilliant young minds are relegated to a living hell, without access to natural light or fresh air.

3. The so-called ‘rest homes’ that house hundreds of thousands of our parents and grandparents in terrible misery are TORTURE CHAMBERS where human beings are denied proper pain medication because they might become ‘addicted’ during their last days on earth and where they are artificially kept alive until their insurance or other funds run out and then they are unplugged.

4. Factory farms are TORTURE CHAMBERS for millions of God’s animal children that are forced to live in the most horrible conditions until they are dragged off to slaughter houses to have their throats slit and skinned while still alive.

5. Our American inner-city ghettos are TORTURE CHAMBERS for millions of America’s youth who live in poverty, misery, violent surroundings, and hopelessness.

6. Our once great American forests have become TORTURE CHAMBERS for millions of God’s animal children whose homes are bulldozed, burned and destroyed by clear-cutters and exploiters of Creation. There they are crushed, burned, buried, poisoned, and left to starve or die in a futile effort to find a new home where there is none.

The Universal Ethician Church knows that TORTURE CHAMBERS in any form represent crimes against God and must be eliminated from the face of Planet Eden.

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