In the minds of many Americans, we have our own God whom we ask to bless only America. “God Bless America” signs are everywhere. 

Why is it that we ask God to bless only America? 

From an anthropological standpoint the answer is very simple.

For tens of thousands of years tribes of humans have created origin myths in which they place themselves in their minds as having been especially created and selected by God as His ‘chosen people’.

One of my most vivid and disconcerting childhood memories of the 1950’s was going to local high school football games and listening to each team or ‘tribe’ praying to their concept of God to help them beat the opposing them.

Human tribes and nations have used that hubris to justify genocide, slavery, ethnic cleansing, crusades, and other barbaric acts against other tribes and nations for far too long.

The most lasting example of this tribalistic arrogance is found in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible, the legacy of which has led to great strife and suffering even to this day.

The tribes of Israel believed that God had chosen them above all others and that He had given them the Promised Land.

This land was already inhabited by humans who believed that God honored their occupation of the same lands.

For hundreds of years the God of Israel has had a conflict with the God of Jesus and the God of Mohammed, with each tribe vying for the same parcel of dirt and each using the promise of their God to justify exclusive ownership.

When Americans call upon God to bless only America they are carrying on a dangerous and short-sighted tradition which if left unchallenged with never allow peace on earth to prevail.

All of God’s children, no matter their spiritual traditions, or countries of origin should call upon God to bless Planet Eden and all Creation.


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