Planet Eden is in the throws of human caused death. From being perhaps the most beautiful and fruitful of all the heavenly bodies in God’s Creation, our earth is rapidly becoming ‘The Ugly Planet”.

Where once great forests spread for thousands of square miles there is nothing but a wasteland of charred stumps, starving cattle and destitute people.

Where once great prairies with their myriad wildflowers waved in the gentle breeze, there is nothing but concrete, hot burning asphalt, shoddy metallic buildings and grid lock.

Where once great rivers flowed to the sea, there is nothing but drying mud flats and encroaching desert.

Where once happy native peoples sang and danced in their forest home, there are millions of ragged, hungry slum dwellers scratching through piles of festering garbage in order to sustain life for one more day.

It is not too late to save what God so generously provided for us to last for all generations.

We must stop the plunder, we must stop the cruelty, we must stop the terror, we must stop the greed, we must return to respecting God and caring for Creation.


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