We can serve God in many ways. Some are easy-some are hard. Twelve easy ways are as follows:
1. Smile at a stranger.
2. Compliment a friend.
3. Feed God's birds.
4. Visit a shut-in.
5. Plant a tree.
6. Bring laughter to a child.
7. Donate to a charity.
8. Say please and thank you.
9. Bless God with a silent prayer of thanksgiving.
10. Conserve God's resources by recycling.
11. Hug your children or your parents or a friend.
12. Pray for world peace.

Twelve ways to serve God that require personal sacrifice are as follows:
1. Help a friend in need.
2. Volunteer to help the homeless, the hungry, or the sick.
3. Confront those who are destroying God's Creation and attempt to reform their ways.
4. Become a mentor to a young person in need of a positive role model.
5. Give comfort to the dying by working at a hospice.
6. Help conserve Planet Eden for future generations by walking or riding a bicycle to school, or work, or the store.
7. Work with the handicapped, the elderly, the abused or the addicted to make their lives better.
8. If ordered to participate in an unethical activity by your boss, respectfully decline and explain why even if it means losing your job.
9. Gather with others to protest the death penalty, clear-cutting, windowless schools, cruelty to children or animals or other unethical practices.
10. Forego a shopping spree, eating out, or other form of self-indulgence and donate the money saved to help protect and preserve God's Creation.
11. Turn the other cheek and reach out to someone who has hurt you.
12. Volunteer an hour or more per week by inviting others to join WWW.GOLDENRULEMINISTRIES.ORG in order to make a better world and thus make God happy.

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