If only we could train our tongues to speak only words of kindness! Just imagine a world in which Jew and Gentile, Moslem and Hindu, Protestant and Catholic, Capitalist and Communist uttered only words of kindness in their dealings with each other.

It wouldn't take long before all of God's children around the world joined hands and began working toward a common cause of world peace and improving the quality of life for all Creation.

Try it! The next time you encounter a political adversary greet that person with WORDS OF KINDNESS. The next time you encounter your ex-spouse, your mean-spirited neighbor, or any other person who may have offended you in the past, greet that person with WORDS OF KINDNESS.

Kindness begets kindness just as violence begets violence and hatred begets hatred. Wouldn't it make for a better world if millions of people planted seeds of kindness and the soft willowy branches of the trees of kindness shaded out the thorn bushes of hatred and violence?

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