Fragmentation of God's "Tapestry of Life" by the cancerous sprawl of urban, suburban, and rural development will ultimately destroy the ability of our biosphere to maintain its health and integrity and thus will eventually cause the collapse of civilization as we know it today.

Such foolish and senseless destruction of Creation must be halted immediately if Earth is to be maintained as a decent place to live for future generations of humans and all other species.

Our growth patterns in America during the last half century have been based on wasting irreplaceable resources and when an area becomes unfit for 'man or beast', moving on to the next pristine area which then becomes the next victim of this continuing crime against God and Creation.

Left behind as slums, junk yards, empty warehouses, abandoned factories, and decaying strip centers, are millions of acres of land which can and must be restored and re-cycled.

It is absolutely imperative to not pave over, subdivide, develop, or otherwise compromise even one acre of what little is left of our native ecosystems as loaned to us by God.

ZEROSPRAWL is the only answer!!! Stop the cancer today. Revitalize, rehabilitate-DO NOT DESECRATE!!!


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