I can remember as a child being so grateful that I lived in America. I felt that America would always be a bulwark of freedom from oppression and torture. Even the thought of the concentration camps of Nazi Germany and the Gulag prisons of the Soviet Union were enough to send cold shivers down my spine.

Little did I know that during the last 20 years America has been slowly but surely heading down the same slippery slope that is leading us into the land of the AMERICAN GULAG.

Just as big tobacco is in the business of making money off of first promoting drug addiction and then profiting from it, and just as the military-industrial complex profits from selling weapons of destruction to our enemies and then going to war against our customers, so too has the prison-industrial complex become a huge machine that is profiting from the destruction of human lives and in torture and abuse of our own citizens.

The profiteers and bureaucratic parasites that feed off of the misery of millions of hapless Americans have learned that building the AMERICAN GULAG is an industry that has never experienced an economic downturn. Like a festering tumor it just keeps growing and growing, reaching out to victimize both the incarcerated and the incarcerators.

With Nazi-like efficiency, prisoners are treated like animals. Thousands have been dumped into torture chambers far worse than those of the middle ages where at least death came relatively quickly. The ‘super-max’ dungeons of the AMERICAN GULAG are chambers of horror in which human beings are deprived of all that makes a person human.

After the victim has become totally psychotic, the industry knows that they have a life-time customer that can be milked at tax-payer expense until they die decades later. Millions of dollars can be made from each victim of State imposed torture.

Having lived in Huntsville, Texas, ‘THE CITY OF DEATH’ for over half a century, I can attest to some of the evils of the huge industry that leads to not only the physical death of both the innocent as well as the guilty but also moral, ethical, and psychological death as well.

Even the Mayor of ‘THE CITY OF DEATH’ has extolled the virtues of the death penalty as being good for business, and the local newspaper, The Huntsville Item, publishes booster sheets under the heading “Walker County Proud” that promotes the growth of the AMERICAN GULAG as being good for the local economy by providing jobs for a new sub-culture of prison guards that spend so much of their lives locked up with the prisoners that they often begin to behave like the convicts.

The growth of the AMERICAN GULAG is a cancer on our civilization that must be stopped before it consumes us all and destroys America as the ‘land of the free’. At the present rate of growth, almost our entire populace will be made up of the incarcerated and their incarcerators.


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