In order to honor God, we must be stewards and guardians of all Creation. God's animals have never before been so endangered by the destruction of their homes and by abusive farming practices.

We have an obligation to God to work to halt the continuing destruction of Planet Eden and thus insure that His/Her animals are able to live out their lives as was intended.

The abuse of animals must stop if we are to instill values of kindness and stewardship in our youth. When young people see adults amuse themselves at dogfights and cockfights and bullfights, they lose respect for the feelings of God's animals.

When our children see adults bulldozing down the homes of God's animals so that they will have no place to live and will eventually starve to death of be run over, they lose respect for God and thus do not become the good stewards of Planet Eden as God intended.

When our children see adults turn vicious dogs loose to chase down and kill a squirrel, thus for pleasure, they become immune to suffering.

We must all become animal guardians if we are going to be able to raise a generation of children who are sensitive to the needs and welfare of all of God's children, whether human or animal.

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