Isn’t it strange how human hubris and arrogance can cause death, destruction, and chaos? Self-righteousness and a profound sense of superiority have been responsible for the deaths of millions of humans throughout history.

The Taliban of Afghanistan consist of men who worship power above all else and abuse the name of God or Allah to justify their evil ways.

Sadly and tragically certain fundamentalist and extremist men who thump bibles and call themselves ‘Christians’ behave in a similar reprehensible and evil fashion. They themselves constitute that element of society which Jesus Himself so loathed—the power crazed HYPOCRITE!!!

If we continue to lose our basic human rights and freedoms as Americans these evil men will eventually use their extremist and twisted interpretations of Biblical Scripture to terrorize our citizens.

As they gain power and prestige they will launch a campaign of hate, bigotry, and persecution of women, which will mimic the pernicious evil of the Taliban—thus becoming a ‘Christian Taliban’.

Although not yet in power, there are several powerful men who would lead us to believe that they preach the Gospel of Christ and who could easily become ‘Christian Taliban’ if we allow ourselves to be dominated by elected officials who are working toward the destruction of our American Constitution and Bill of Rights.

There is the “Left Behind” gang who are preaching how great the coming of World War III and a nuclear holocaust in the Middle East would be and tell their ignorant followers that Jesus will come back and snatch them up to a sterile paradise of streets of gold while the rest of us will be ‘left behind’.

There are the televangelists who preach a gospel of hate and bigotry against homosexuals, women who believe in freedom of choice, and any person who actually tries to behave as the real Jesus would wish.

There are the politicians and judges who have become the bought whores of the ‘Christian’ extremists who are working to undermine basic human rights.

Yes the “Christian Taliban” is diligently working toward an America where we will be forced to worship their concept of God or face the consequences of their tactics of terror. We will live in a nation where Jewish, Muslim, and Hindu children will be forced to pray to a vengeful and hard-hearted God who will proclaim that they will burn in the fires of hell because a loveless and cruel concept of Jesus is not their personal savior. We will live in a nation where genuine Christians who are the true believers who know that both God and Jesus are the purest form of love will be forced to deny a loving Christ and worship a false ‘Jesus’ who represents oppression, punishment, revenge, hate, and bigotry.

Homosexuals, human rights activists, environmentalists, women’s rights advocates, and others will be persecuted, jailed, and perhaps eventually executed because they will refuse to believe that God is cold-hearted and filled with hate instead of love.




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