Throughout much of human history people have amused themselves at the expense of other sapient beings, both human and animal.

One of the lingering legacies of the past which enslaves, abuses, and ultimately kills innocent examples of God’s Creation are circuses, roadside animal parks, rodeos, bullfights, sea mammal parks, antiquated zoos, and other places of entertainment based on cruelty to our animal brothers and sisters.

You may believe that the animals are happy and well cared for and that they actually enjoy hearing the crack of the whip over their heads, or jumping through flaming hoops, or assuming awkward and unnatural positions, or doing flips in order to catch a fish.

The animals that you see have in many cases been beaten, starved, shocked, or otherwise treated in an unethical and inhumane fashion. They may have been taken from their mothers in the wild, forced to endure life in dark crates, boxes, and cages, and in far too many cases are the survivors among dozens of their kind which died between their natural homes and their lives as performing slaves.

Ethicians everywhere should denounce these remnants of our barbaric past and work toward the establishment of WILDERNESS CATHEDRALS throughout Planet Eden where God’s animal children may live as God intended.

The “Circus of Death” must be made a part of humankind’s more primitive and unethical past as soon as possible.


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