State sanctioned killing and murder is big business in Texas. It doesn’t matter if the victims of the DEATH MACHINE are guilty or innocent because executions provide jobs and boost the economy in THE CITY OF DEATH, otherwise known as Huntsville.

The Mayor, Chamber of Commerce, and local newspaper are huge boosters of the PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that destroys the lives of both the incarcerated and the incarcerators. The Mayor, has even been so cold as to declare to the international media that the DEATH PENALTY is good for business.


Who profits from the DEATH PENALTY?

1. Motels that house the families of the person being killed and the families of the person whose death precipitated the PENALTY OF DEATH upon the convicted one, whether actually innocent or guilty profit. The motels also profit from the arrival of the media as well as those who come to THE CITY OF DEATH to either oppose or promote the killing.

2. Restaurants that feed the people who come for the grisly event also profit.

3. The huge army that operates the DEATH MACHINE draws its paychecks from the tax dollars used for killing. This includes, prison chaplains who counsel with the soon to die, the doctor who pronounces the person dead, the operators of the apparatus of death, the staff that prepares the body for burial, the supervisors of the prison grave diggers, the unwieldy prison bureaucracy and administration needed to account for the executions, the police and guards used in crowd control. 

4. The paychecks of the ARMY OF DEATH are then used to reward the beer and liquor distributors, bar owners, lottery ticket industry, drug dealers both legal and illegal, the junk food industry, and so on ad infinitum.

5. Other macabre profiteers include the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the drugs used for the killings, coffin makers, embalmers, prison vehicle builders, gasoline distributors, and those who provide the food for the LAST MEAL.

Who loses from the DEATH PENALTY?

1. Simply stated all of humankind loses.

2. Christianity loses credibility for Jesus would never condone the PENALTY OF DEATH. All other religions also lose a part of their spiritual integrity.

3. The medical profession loses its ethical direction by allowing physicians to supervise State sanctioned murder of the innocent and execution of the guilty.

4. Those who knowingly and willingly profit from the killings by gleefully taking BLOOD MONEY, lose a part of their souls and become hardened to the suffering of others.

5. The City of Huntsville loses its credibility in the eyes of the world where it is known as THE CITY OF DEATH. What clean industry would want to move their business to Huntsville with its reputation and with the pall of evil that envelopes the community.

6. America loses respect in the eyes of the entire world. Even tin-horn dictatorships, militant regimes, and other countries that consistently violate human rights use our American government-sanctioned EXECUTION FRENZY to justify their continued abuse of their citizens. Even our President and the other politicians who have promoted the DEATH PENALTY for the votes of the BLOODTHIRSTY lose a part of their souls and humane spirits.

7. The families of the original victim suffer emotional loss and stress, for the killing of another does not bring back the life of their loved one. So-called ‘closure’ does not come from watching another person die to atone for the first death, and can you even imagine the feeling of guilt when it is later learned that the victim of the revenge killing was innocent?

8. The families of the target of the DEATH PENALTY suffer terrible trauma and eternal emotional distress and thus become victims themselves.

9. The executioners and the other employees of the DEATH MACHINE also suffer a loss of their humanity and suffer great emotional damage that far too frequently leads to dysfunctional families with child and spousal abuse.

It is time for America to STOP THE KILLING!!!

America is making enemies all over the world because of our arrogance, air of superiority, greed, love of violence, and ultimately pernicious hypocrisy.


This patriotic message is brought to you by George H. Russell

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