It is Easter Sunday in the year of our Lord, 2002 and I am looking out at a tiny hummingbird perched on an equally tiny branch. Myriad life forms are bursting forth in all the glory that God designed. From my vantage point I can see millions of tiny new green leaves sprouting on thousands of ancient moss draped oaks. I see a virtual flock of butterflies flitting from one to another of the thousands of azalea blossoms and from the azaleas to the tiny flowers of the Yaupon Hollies.

New life is forming everywhere and old life is being renewed by the warmth and showers of an East Texas Spring yet my heart is troubled as I glance into the cloudy skies and watch the Vultures patiently waiting for death to come to one of God’s children on the day of Resurrection.

It is not the natural circle of life that sustains God’s Vultures that troubles me, nor is it the knowledge that just a few miles away in Huntsville, Texas, known around the world as THE CITY OF DEATH, thousands of citizens have emerged from dozens of Christian churches after proclaiming their love for Jesus and celebrating the anniversary of His Resurrection.

My angst stems from the terrible fact that hundreds of those people who think of themselves as true Christians and who call themselves ‘pro-life’, work in the death camps, planning and carrying out State decreed executions of citizens guilty of murder and ironically planning and carrying out State decreed murder of innocent victims of a failed ‘justice’ system.

What would Jesus do? What would Jesus say, if He were to return to earth and visit the CITY OF DEATH? If the words of Jesus as written down ages ago and printed today in the New Testament are valid and are a true reflection of Christ and what He represents then I am completely certain that He would stand before the walls of the execution chamber in THE CITY OF DEATH and rebuke the evil hypocrites that proclaim their love for Him and then operate as cogs in the wheel of the death machine of the State of Texas.

Here is what I believe Jesus might say to the multitudes before the walls of the chamber of death in THE CITY OF DEATH:

“Thou shalt not kill. That is the commandment of my Father whom you blaspheme by your evil act of participating in the killing of his children.  It is He who will judge them and you, when the day of judgment comes. He has not anointed any one of you as His agent nor given any one of you the authority to kill a fellow human being on His behalf.

“Judge not, for in so doing you are condemning your soul to harsher judgment by my Father. Open your Bibles and heed my words. You proclaim your love for Me, yet act on behalf of Satan. Woe to you hypocrites! Repent now! Stand with Me and against the corruption of the State. Work on behalf of my Father to transform THE CITY OF DEATH into THE CITY OF LIFE.”

I am certain that Jesus could make a far better more profound and logical case than I, but I do know that there is great evil associated with the death penalty and great hypocrisy infecting the souls of hundreds of our self-proclaimed ‘Christian’ citizens who participate, both directly and indirectly, in the killing of their fellow human beings.

I can’t help but believe that if all of America’s citizens who call themselves Christians, at least attempted to lead their lives by following Christ’s example we could have peace on earth and our prisons would become gentle institutions where wayward souls could be transformed and redeemed, rather than tortured, abused, and killed.

Huntsville, Texas, rather than being a disgrace to God, a disgrace to Jesus, and an international disgrace to Texas and America, could become a beacon of light and hope to those who have transgressed and a shining example to the rest of the world.

Fellow citizens of THE CITY OF DEATH, if in any way you work as a part of the ‘death machine of the State’, please resign your job, repent, and save your soul.

No one can be killed by the State if there are no executioners or any genuine Christian, Jew, or Muslim willing to jeopardize their salvation as agents of death or the death machine of the State.


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